25th Jul 2003, 00:28

It is good that someone sees the value of restoring one of these. Good luck in your restoration. Let us know how it turns out. Lets try to keep a few of the forgotten ones alive.

21st Mar 2004, 19:31

This car is an awesome car. I think you should reconsider putting a new 6 cylinder in that. This car would be a lot better off with a nice 350. You would have a chance to experience the full power and greatness of that nova with an engine like a 350.

21st Mar 2004, 19:46

These cars would have had an optional V8 new, you should consider this for your car. The chevy small block V8's are some of the most reliable and most easily modified of all engines created. You could get a stock rebuilt V8 for cheaper and with as much power as you would spend on a modified rebuilt six cylinder.

23rd Jul 2004, 16:29

NEW UPDATE ON THE NOVA. As of right now I'm not too sure what to do with it. The things that need to be done are piling up and I don't have the money or the time (or both at the same time) to take care of it. There are no major problems, just minor annoyances. I may consider selling it, I may not. If anyone is interested in the car, email me at jtettemer@charter.net. Thanks.

28th May 2005, 20:22

ANOTHER UPDATE: I sold the Nova (sad). I hated to do that, but I just did not have the funds to keep up with it, and I needed a car to drive every day. I kept the guys info though, and plan to try to get it back from him once I'm out of college and can get some money flow in.

22nd May 2007, 18:33

I agree, the 1978 Chevy Nova has not received its recognition! This car is solid and still holding up in 2007!! With only the basic upkeep: tune-ups, oil changes, lube, wash and shine, basic upkeep like brakes etc. I have the 78 Chevy Nova 2 door brown with beige plaid interior (kinda looks like Burberry)!!!

Chevy needs to step-up to the plate and be proud of this years make and model!!

Can I get a high five???