27th Dec 2004, 13:55

Yes I know how you feel. My 1976 Nova SS will be put up forsale soon. Having a baby and a home changes everything. I am going to miss her, but maybe I can sale her to someone that will fix her up!!!

9th Jun 2005, 17:47

I drive a 1976 Nova SS; great car, but a fuel waster. Well it depends what kind of engine you've got, and how far you drive. It's good for just in town driving, and to show off if you want.

I'm a teenager too; I'm 16. Me and my dad bought that car for car shows. We barely bought it, like about 8 months ago, and we installed some parts like a Holley 750 carburetor, kept the original 350 in it, and some other things I can't really pronounce them in English; I just know the parts names in Spanish, sorry.

I recommend this car. It's nice and powerful, but you can't drive it very far, not for traveling.

Yep, like she said, it does win lots of races; those little euro guys don't know what they're going up against!

18th May 2006, 19:58

I have an original 76 Nova SS that I plan on selling soon. Since there isn't much about this car on the web, I am not too sure what price to put on her. The car has sat for the past 2 years, but used to be hot. The paint still looks good (black/black). It needs the interior redone, but the dash is in great shape. Any suggestions on what price to put on her? Email me at sskyle@aol.com.

18th Jan 2007, 19:05

I bought my original 1976 Nova when I was in my 30's & next week it's going into the classic car body shop for a clean up & new paint job. I'm now in my 50's & I still love that car too much to ever even consider selling it! It has always been a head turner & I only did some very simple things to her. Removed the trim on the side, lifted the suspension 2" in all 4 corners. aluminum slots & wider rubber, chrome bullet mirrors & smoothed it out & blocked it a couple of times & painted it the original GM Saddle Tan. Replaced the drive train about 5K miles. ago only because there were too many leaks. It still passed smog every yr. & was used as a daily driver for a lot of the past 24 yrs. I can't go anywhere without getting compliments on it & the older it gets, the more it happens. 4th generation Novas are the real deal these days. Love that '76 Nova! She's a beauty!

20th Feb 2007, 12:38

My first car was a '76 Nova. I bought it when I was 18 and paid $650 for it in 1983. It had the 305 and a TH350 but that didn't last long with my heavy right foot. I built a 350 for it (I was raised in a mechanic shop). That motor was still running strong 3 years later when a friend was parting out a '67 pick-up. I bought the 427 for $200 and squeezed it in. I truly miss that car and would buy another. My youngest daughter saw pictures of it and says that is the car for her.

12th Apr 2007, 15:53

I'm CHIWIS, and I'm driving a 1976 Nova. I bought it just to have fun, but I know that it is a good car. Me and my neighbors, we have a Nova team. Its name is TERCOS racing team. We are just like 4 friends, having a Nova 76, 72 and 71.

4th Mar 2008, 17:49

I also have a 76 Chevy Nova, and am actually finally able to find parts for it.

Motor trans and rear have always been easy to find, but body parts have been a hassle. On glasstek.com they have everything from lexan windows to fiberglass hoods, doors, trunk, bumpers... even a pro 1 piece fiberglass front end for $750.00. So in other words I get back from Afghanistan in May of 09, and my baby I've had since 97, "The Nova", will be sitting pretty, already has a 383 stroker recently broke in with a fresh turbo 400 trans. If you know of any more 4th gen Nova websites, send me an email please at Joshua.g.will@us.army.mil.

17th Jan 2009, 19:12

Well glad to see other's that like the 76. I've had a 76 SS for 16 years and will probably never sell it, there are not many and they are not common like 74 and down.

The car is perfect, was restored; it has a cool suspension package from the factory and tinted glass with rear opening windows.

It came new with a high output 350, which back then was around 185 or 195 horse if you can believe that, but was optioned with a super t-10 trans and dealer installed 3.73 posi, a deluxe black leather interior, and light blue in colour and white stripes SS stickers, so like I say, there are not many around.

If you can get one, go for it, it's a hidden gem, and let me tell you sincerely; a good engine, some good tires and you have yourself a rare little cruiser that nobody regards as fast till you get on it. My car flies doing 12.43 in the 1/4 on street tires; go figure, so don't miss out and good luck on getting your gem.

Froggy, Vancouver Island BC.

3rd Nov 2010, 11:19

I have owned my 1976 Nova SS since I was 16. Now I'm 29. This is the first and best car I have ever owned. She is currently in a restoration shop being redone front to rear. If anyone out there knows a good parts website for these 4th generations it would be greatly appreciated. Still missing a few odds and ends.

8th Feb 2011, 12:21

What's the name of that website you were talking about?

8th Feb 2011, 14:58

"When I bought it, it was pretty rusty, but that's not the car's fault!"

Actually it is the cars fault. I bought one as my first car wayyyyy back in 1982, so it was only 6 years old. It was so rusted out, the radiator was held in with bungie cords and coat hangers. The drivers door was rotted out too, and held shut with more bungie cords, so you couldn't even use it anymore. I felt like the Dukes of Hazzard climbing in through the drivers window... These cars rusted faster than anything. I drove it around for about a year, and then went for something better and much cleaner.

8th Feb 2011, 17:51

The Nova was somewhat of an underrated car. If I were ever in the market for a classic muscle car, I'd take a Nova SS over a Challenger, Mustang, or Camaro.

28th Sep 2014, 16:23

Here is website that I found www.classicindustries.com. They have everything you need for 76 Novas.

30th Sep 2014, 09:56

I would take a 69 Z/28 Camaro, a 1970 Challenger Hemi R/T, especially a TA, or a 1967 Mustang big block Fastback over this car. Followed lastly by a 1969 Nova 396 SS, 4 speeds in all the above. I owned a new 75 Nova white 2 door as a daily driver. Nice car, but certainly not in this category.

7th Dec 2014, 14:38

I have a 76 Nova with a 454 LS-6 and Muncie 4 speed; it also has a 4:11 rear gear. I have the motor out now and have done a lot of engine work to it. Just about ready to drop it back in. The car is incredible. When it fires up, there is nothing like it!

11th Dec 2014, 09:25

The LS6 is an incredible drivetrain. I would sell the 76 as a roller, and then find a 69 to 72 used Nova roller, or one that needs some work. In that state they are fairly reasonable. After putting the LS6 in, watch its value go way up. Drive it for a while and it's strongly possible you will recoup your time and money.

Pre 73 is a very popular body style. I would put a 4 speed in for even more appeal. I also like later 60s Chevy II models. They are getting expensive. Great ones for the street and drag strip. If you are going to stuff well over 10k plus in a full drivetrain, it's a good idea to put your time, money and effort into a body year that supports this. It's happened to me. Unless it's sentimental to do up.

13th Dec 2014, 21:35

My ultimate Nova is a simple civilized 327 4BBL M21 4 speed with a Holley 600 carb 3:55 posi rear. And add power steering and aftermarket front discs. Very nice drivetrain for overall driving on pump gas. And better handling. In fact small blocks are great in other GM bodies, especially early Camaros. I would suspect a big block 454 is barely streetable in a light Nova. Look at what happened with the Yenko Nova's brief history. And try insuring one then.