20th Mar 2011, 18:18

I own a 2004 Optra LS, 5-speed STD, 130000 kms, great car, lots of power, no problems, just general maintenance, 35 MPG.

24th Mar 2011, 18:25

First off, it is not a GM. It is a Kia. It always amazes me that someone won't buy a Kia, but would buy the same car from GM!

25th Mar 2011, 13:51

Ummm no, the Chevrolet Optra isn't a Kia. It's a rebadged Daewoo. Whilst Kia has improved markedly in recent years, I still don't think Daewoo is even approaching Kia in quality at this point. Some of the newer Kias are actually very good cars.

26th Mar 2011, 04:38

I would rather have a GMDaewoo/Suzuki/Chevrolet over a Kia. Aside from the fact I feel more comfortable with a GM based cars, I wouldn't have to drive a car with a Kia badge!!

26th Mar 2011, 14:13

You're absolutely right about Daewoo or GMDAT. They have not improved at all. Their track record of cars in North America is pathetic. Daewoo went bankrupt, and so did GM. Together they produced the Optra, Forenza, Aveo, Epica. Some have Suzuki badges, some GM, but they're all bad cars.

Meanwhile Kia has continued to slowly improve. GM/Suzuki did make some good cars, but not GM Daewoo. I would take a Kia Forte Koup, Soul, or redesigned Rio, over anything Daewoo or GM DAT makes or made. The Forenza was purely a Daewoo with a Suzuki badge. They were foolish enough to buy into a partnership with Daewoo. Real Suzukis are actually good cars.

31st Mar 2011, 01:49

I hope someone could assist me on my doubt about the Chevrolet Optra 2005.

Is it normal that the four doors are heavier than the normal car doors? This car I wanted to purchase, everything seems to be good, it's a second hand car and 79000km. But my only issue is that the doors seem heavy, or is it that it has had an accident?

Please help if anyone knows.

Thank you.

12th Apr 2011, 19:38

Sounds to me like you are riding your clutch. I have had only a minor problem with mine due to the streets where I live.

16th Apr 2011, 16:19

Did you figure out how to change it?

Care to share?

3rd Jul 2011, 10:48

I think I have the same thing on my '06. It's been in twice now, and is still not fixed. Sometimes as I'm driving along, I will hear a clunk, the engine light comes on, and it then won't downshift into first gear. I have also burned out two sets of headlight bulbs. Both sides go at the same time. I believe the two are connected.

I have noticed, a couple of times, at night that the lights get very bright for about a second and return to normal. The last mechanic, tells me the code he is reading is being set by an overvoltage situation. Apparently the code is set if the voltage exceeds 16V. I had not told him about the headlights or the bright lights, so he came to this conclusion by himself. I don't know what's next, but I expect it means replacing the alternator.

9th Jul 2011, 08:10

My 2008 Optra. The defroster didn't work from the day I rolled it off the lot, and GM didn't fix it. The transmission went, and GM wouldn't stand behind their warranty on that either. GM makes terrible cars, and the customer service is worse. I'm trading it in.

Watch out, GM will replace parts on your car you don't need, and say we can't duplicate the problem! And charge you for their time. A week later the car will break down again. Get rid of this piece of garbage, and steer clear of GM in general.

30th Aug 2011, 06:38

Wrong, it is a Daewoo, not a Kia.

24th Dec 2011, 20:54

It's not a Kia, it's a Daewoo... which is worse.

4th Nov 2013, 20:10

The bulk of Daewoo cars are Optra's in Canada, Suzuki's in the USA.

19th Dec 2016, 04:17

I have the same issue...

17th Feb 2017, 01:10

Well that is weird because I have a 05 Optra wagon; it's my second one, the first one I scrapped with 375,000km on it and drove it for a year with liquid weld on the engine to help with a blown head gasket. I did have to change the brakes yearly though.

All in all, pretty cheap transportation.