22nd Jun 2010, 11:06

I bought my new Optra 1.6 auto in late 2003, and am still driving it daily. I have now clocked over 200,000 kms.

The parts are a bit expensive, but now I can source outside (reliable parts, and from Korea too) at about 50% cheaper than the Chevy workshop. It is a tough car (I guess I promoted the car by pushing it to its limits with high speed sharp turns, when the coast is clear, until it screeched (33years driving experience). It was still very stable, with good road holding ability. Perhaps GM should pay me for promoting its car!

The car is still so quiet (I haven't changed the shock absorbers yet).

I have no complaints about the car. I believe buying a new car also depends on luck. It can be the most expensive car.

Now my Optra is running on CNG and has become a hybrid. B'worth to Ipoh approx. RM10.00 cng.

As for me, Optra is a great car, but sad to say not many people appreciate it. Not to say that I'm promoting the car, but I have appreciated it with over 200,000 km of driving it.

One piece of advice all must remember; no matter what car you buy new or old, the maintenance cost is always there.

Best regards to all you drivers out there. God bless!

1st Oct 2010, 00:59

I've got a Chevrolet Optra 1.6. It stops while driving. Took it to the service centre and they couldn't rectify the problem. My car is still held back in the service centre, and now they tell me there is no default message showing in the computer display. Really don't understand! Help me furnish some good, reliable and cheap mechanics or workshops that can solve my problem. I am staying in Klang, Malaysia.

1st Oct 2010, 06:18

Definitely the problem is with the distributor... get it checked.