25th Sep 2005, 23:37


Saw all the comments about the car.

1) The engine noise is due to a technical terms called 'Advance Pulley Setting'.You may retard the setting, but the performance will be less effective.Anyhow, this Holden engine is tough and rough. Use X1-R will lessen the engine noise (Change it every 15000km).It even crank 1 time only to start the engine.

2) Engine Knocking is due to poor petrol quality. Beware of certain Petrol station mix 'something' in the petrol. To overcome this either use RON98 onwards or a bottle of octane booster.

I owned Optra1.8LT and satisfied with the quality. However I hope HICOM will take into consideration when promoting Optra. The term 'Quiet' for Optra car not suitable enough since is has tyre noise and wind noise at drivers door. Tyre may not come under warranty, but HICOM must seek 'silence tyre'.This matter may be small problem, but it affect other consumers towards the 'quiet' product. I may solved this minor problem by changing to Michelin tyre and re-glued the door trim, but not many customer has the knowledges.

8th Jul 2006, 19:57

I don't know about you people, but I love my car. I got it a year ago July and its going strong. I just wished it had an overdrive for better fuel economy on the highway.

17th Oct 2006, 21:06

Hi, I'm from Singapore. Just got my Optra on 1 Aug 2006. GM really needs to look deeply into the quality on some of its parts and also the overall built quality. In the 1st month, I travelled about 3000km.

1st problem: Loud squeaking noise from the lower arm bushing (warranty part). 1st treatment - oiling, 2nd treatment - claimed to change bushing. Now, sound is back again.

2nd problem: Fuel gauge goes up and down itself. 1st treatment - Change resistor to the fuel gauge. 2nd treatment - Change entire front dashboard. Now, same problem.

3rd problem: Odometer and trip meter backlit keeps blinking. Treatment - Change dashboard together with the fuel gauge problem. Now, problem solved.

4th problem: Steering column assembly has loud knocking sound when turning or when engaging auto gear. Treatment - Still waiting for parts before I get replacement (warranty). I have been waiting for the last 1 month+ and I travelled 3500km already.

All this time, when talking to Alpine Service consultants, I was told so many things and assuring me that everything was fine. My faulty steering column is getting louder by the day and is it really still safe? Would greatly appreciate them not assuming we know nothing about cars.

I knew what the problems were and the solutions before they even told me.

Anyways, still waiting for other things to pop up. Is this the excitement we get when we purchase a GM car?

My next car, which I am already planning for, would be hopefully better. Could be another Chevy, but you guys need to really buck up.

So GMODC, are we really picky customers or is there really a problem with the cars you produce that is diluting the brand name and brand positioning of GM in Asia.

You guys should set up a sub-committee and really look into this if you haven't done so yet. I would be worried if I need to ensure sales for the coming years and have bad press at the same time.

One complain is one too many in my view, especially when trying to get a foothold in the Asian market.

Good luck guys at GMODC, remember, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

23rd Jan 2007, 02:09

I am facing the problem in the absorbers (weird noise), tyre noise, wind noise, under power, What to do? Friends, face the truth, ask yourself why you want to buy Optra instead of Altis. It is because it is RM 20k cheaper than Altis. Right? So, pay cheap thing, use cheap thing. It is Fair...

It is Korean car, GM just want to grab some market in Asia, then just simply buy Daewoo and put GM on it. That's all, do not expect too much.

Anyway, I feel hopeless with Optra...

6th Feb 2007, 18:54

Is that a new car or a second hand car?.A good second hand car normally have service history. An appointed dealer will send the report to GM or appointed GM distributor which has technical support staff.

A new car only has minor problem. When I bought a new car, I immediately change to a good tyre and silent as well. Wind noise is another minor problem, but I re-glued the panel and now it is OK.

It is cheaper than Altis. I bought because of traction control which altis don't have. Only Camry 2.4 have. Also due to well known Holden tough engine. I am still driving 1.8LT and so far no major problem. Consistent servicing.Using GM Automatic Gear Oil imported from Germany.1 litre RM95.00.

It has been 2 1/2 years and my absorber still OK.

Current mileage is 61000km.The only thing I sent back for repair is due to engine light illuminates. The workshop check wiring harness and clean up the connector at a reasonable labour charges only. It happens due to climate factor.Now back to normal.

30th Apr 2007, 20:25

I bought my Chevrolet Optra 1.6 in September 2006. Since then I have experienced the following problems:

1) I have hear a squeaking noise coming from the area near the front right tire.

2) Car has slowly loose power while driving causing the vehicle to shut down. Engine light (Malfunction Indicator light) comes on and stays on. Light then comes off on it's own. I was told this was due to a loose clip within the engine.

3) Gear cannot change when car is left in park position for more than 10 minutes. Gear changes when car is turned off and restarted. However the engine light comes on and stays on. Then it comes off on its own. I was told that the electrical wire were not grounded.

I am currently waiting to see what will happen next.

3rd May 2007, 02:10

Some jokers said, lately Chevrolet Optra is offering 1.8L at RM63K only, this is a limited offer while stock last. I believe they are clearing their old stocks (due to design flaws) and moving on to a new model. Whatever it is, it is selling like hotcake now due to this offer period. To me, car investment is a long term deal, it is not like buying a shirt or pants, you can just dump it away and get a new one.

4th May 2007, 00:15

Hi every one.I'm using optra 1.8 since 2004 and since than I never got problem I did travel a lot with it I'm already 50 000 km, but last year I got problem with batterie I change it 3 times with in 3 months than after that I got problem with the break. and noise from inside the door. and now I have problem with gear box and the engine.and when I sent it to the service they said there is no problem.what can I do?help.

28th Aug 2007, 23:37

Hi, I got a Chevrolet Optra 1.6 LS AT gas. and cosuming about 23 liter per 100 km... Living in the Philippines, Chevrolet ignore how to fix the problem... Can someone help??

9th Sep 2007, 07:16

Agree with that, I also live in the Philippines and drive a 1.6 LS AT Chevrolet Optra, which I got brand new. I think all american cars, especially the 2004 Optra 1.6 LS AT model, consume a lot of gas (between 6~6.5 km/L - city driving, depending on your driving habit).

Nonetheless, here's what I did: Shift the gas from RON 93 to RON 95 (I got an average of 7 km/L). Then, I stumbled on a thread on the Internet that says a 7.5 ~ 8 km/L city driving can be achieved by re programming the ECU and replacing the spark plugs to 1.8 (I don't recommend this), which I did during my last PMS check-up of the car.

Anyway after two months, problems came cropping out such as: power is being compromise during acceleration and now engine idling becomes unstable during cold start when shift from "P" to "D" position.

Now I have to return this to the dealer to check what went wrong and try to "undo" their recommendation.