21st Jul 2009, 11:12


I have a 2004 Optra 5 (sports pack)

Got it used 8 months ago, had 28000km only! The car started to behave erratically on the road after winter. when taking turns, it would bounce around like crazy! pretty dangerous :(... finally had to change a linkage on the left.

1.5 months later, started to bounce again! Will have to take it to the dealer. no warranties anymore... cash pit I guess...

Also have this check engine light comes on and off regularly. Finally they where able to figure out the problem : the gas valve solenoid sometimes get stuck!!! I believe that is the reason for the jerking... and potentially for the gas smell (and poor mileage?)

Anyways... thought I had bought a nice car, happens to be a problem on 4 wheels! Wish I had chosen the Mazda instead!!

16th Jan 2010, 04:19

Hi everybody. I live in Penang, Malaysia. Owned a 1.6 Chevy since 2005. I bought the car because of the look, the difference and the comfort that it offers.

However, the problems are really taking their toll on me. The problems started in 2007. From compressor and now gear box, I am now driving with the hold switch blinking, because the service centre told me they could not rectify the problem, but said it was a GB problem. Now fed up with the whole thing, I am now driving with the hold blinking. Surprisingly, the car is still running.

Guys, don't buy a Chevy!

21st Jan 2010, 02:35

I'm from the Philippines and I acquired my Optra base in October 2005. It's nearly 5 years old and has now reached 33,000kms.

I only had minor (wiper) problem during my first year, and the dealer replaced it under warranty. 6 months after my first year, then my fuel consumption (FC) was 7km/l until I decided to have it ECU'd for calibration (which I should have never done) expecting to have a better FC. Unfortunately, FC suffers and it goes down to 5-6km/l. My Optra is casa maintained, but it never corrected my fuel efficiency, even if I tried using a higher gasoline octane of 95 from 93.

There were parts replaced i.e. aircon compressor (due to annoying sounds), steering pump, break caliper and stabilizer bars (due to squeaking sounds). Radio has been repaired due to no lights when on. These problems have been resolved and corrected during the warranty period. In fairness, I would like to commend the service center where I usually brings my car, as the people working there are well accommodated and professionals.

However, just recently, I experienced vibration while idling, lack of power and bad emission fumes. The case as recommended, replaced the MAF sensor and fortunately corrected the bad emission problem. Likewise, they suggested to replace the fuel pump and throttle body to correct the vibration while idling and the lack of power. Since the warranty ends and these parts are somehow expensive, instead, I requested them to just remove and clean the throttle body. They did and performed re-learn and the power got corrected, though the vibration is still noticeable while idling (still thinking of replacing the fuel pump). By the way, I also experienced several burnt out headlamps.

In spite of this, overall, I'm still happy with my Optra...

13th Apr 2010, 10:02

My Chevy Optra does not want to idle properly, and if I leave it for long periods, it simply shuts itself off..

This all happened after the 90 000 Km service. Cam belt and timing belt change; they say it is not related.. Go figure...

I also have a funny noise at my engine..

Along with that my radiator blew and over heated the motor, causing a whole mess..

When can I catch a break?

2nd Jun 2010, 19:48

Hi, I live in the Caribbean and purchased my Optra just over 2 years now. It generally works well, but I have a knocking noise when the A/C is turned on. Took it to the dealers more than once, even left it a whole day, still no resolution.

Also was told that the brake discs need replacing after the 1st year, was not pleased about that at all. This is my 7th car, but my 1st new one and never change brake discs on any previous ones..

There are definitely some flaws with the materials used to produce these cars.

Now hearing some noises in the rear when on rough surface, suspect it might be the shocks.

23rd Aug 2010, 03:10

Hi, I am from the Philippines and own a Chev Optra 2007 LS/AT. The car is a long shot from being impressive, but it is okay.

My 3 year warranty is due to expire this October and it scares me a lot. So far, I had the A/T transmission sensor replaced, squeaking wiper, some annoying sounds, disgusting smell from the A/C, and occasional buzzing sound when turning the ignition key (still there). Thankfully, those were covered by the warranty.

Well, the Honda Civic was Php 50k more expensive then, but had I known that it is more fuel efficient, I would have made a different decision altogether.

The new Chev Cruze is out, but long term I think it will be a Civic or Altis for me this time around.


25th Aug 2010, 06:39

Well, where do I start??

I bought a used 2004 Optra, thinking it was a GM, what could go wrong? Well, at first the clock wouldn't work, so I had one ordered care of dealership.

Then a valve cover gasket was leaking, fixed care of the dealer.

Then my head gasket went. Got it fixed for $1800.00.

Then 7 months later, I put a whole new engine in it (timing pulley went and snapped the timing chain), so that was $2000.00.

Needless to say, I've been a loyal GM customer for 15 years, and this will be my last GM car!!!

21st Dec 2010, 05:02

I'm from the Philippines, and I recently acquired a 2nd hand 2004 Optra 1.6 LS with 50k on mileage.

First of all, it drives like a medium heavy sedan, unlike Japanese sedans, which have more ease in maneuverability.

I had similar problems with my headlight bulbs burning one after another. Then, at 53,000km, the engine started to emit smoke while I was driving thru traffic. I stopped to check what it was. It was the plastic elbow adaptor connecting my upper radiator hose to the engine that cracked. It's a good thing that the replacement part now is made of alloy.

I also hear a knocking noise at the back of the car as I turn off my engine. Probably that's the fuel pump already complaining. I hope not, or else I will be the one complaining.

19th Jan 2011, 20:06

I live in Canada and we bought our Optra in 2005. It is a 4 dr. sedan with 5 speed manual and air cond. and a 1,6 ltr. gas engine. When we got the car, it was moderately priced, not the cheapest and not the most expensive. We asked to have cruise control installed, and were told you can't get cruise control on a standard transmission Optra, only on the automatic. OK, we will take the automatic, Sorry, you can't get air conditioning on the automatic (what a weird set up).

Anyway, we eventually took the standard, and went to a Suzuki dealership that has a similar model also made by Daewoo, and they installed cruise control.

Off to the U.S. we go, oops, the interior mirror fell off. So we go into a Chevy dealer to get it put back on. They thought we were from Mars. They had never heard of a Chevy Optra, and didn't know how to put the mirror back on. Had to wait till we got back to Canada to get that fixed.

The car has always been very noisy from tire, road and wind noise. Economy and performance are great. The interior heating is very poor in our Canadian winters, and the fan has to be on full blast to even keep the windows clear.

Then the trouble starts : While in the U.S. for a weekend, the right rear brake started grinding. Took it into a reputable brake shop, they replaced the pads and turned the rotor. They also said the left rear was badly worn, but would last until we got home. Briefly, we have had the rear brakes completely replaced THREE times in less than a year. Both we and our local mechanic are at our wits end. Our mechanic says the calipers fill up with road dirt, and the brakes do not release properly and stay on. He says this has been a problem with a number of vehicles that have rear disc brakes, and that some manufacturers have returned to the old style drum brakes.

This is the last G.M. product we will ever buy. We had a Saturn before this; it was great, but not enough dealerships to service it. Not all G.M. and Chevy dealers would look at the Saturn. Too bad they let it go in their re-structuring.