7th Jun 2005, 01:30

I got my Optra last May and it's pretty OK. It's fuel consumption is not that economical. However, for a family of five, this car is still a great value for the money considering the space and comfort it gives.

12th Jun 2005, 06:49

Oh yeah?

My Optra 1.8LT is a heavy gas guzzler. My full city driving merited only 7km/L, the same mileage as a Mazda3 2.0-liter! The gas tank is enormous- 60 Liters!

Another car of mine, the Corolla Altis 1.8G on the other hand, also has a 1.8-liter engine, but it's more powerful than the Optra's and the fuel mileage is better. I get around 8-9km/L in full city driving. The fuel tank is smaller than the Optra, though- 50 Liters.

25th Jul 2005, 10:41

What about the 2005 Optra 5 5dr LS. I just bought one of those up here in Canada and I haven't really driven it much yet to know if the gas mileage is good or poor. Is the '05 Optra 5 better on gas than the regular Optra?

4th Aug 2005, 05:18

I bought my chevrolet optra 1.6 A/T last January 2005. It now runs 7,500km in the odometer. The reason I choose this car over other more popular Japanese car, it's because of its cool looks and it's cheap price. It's cheaper by US$2,000 compare to other Japanese 1.6 car, plus you get 2 years totally free of charge maintenance, which save you another US$600.

The bad part is whatever you will save in buying this car, will just be offset in the long run by the gas consumption of the optra 1.6. It just average 6 to 6.5km./liter city drive compare to my brother 1.8 Toyota 8 to 9km/liter. Partly to blame for the heavy consumption is the heavy chassis, heavy door and thick fender, you could hear the big difference if you knock on it and compare to the light Japanese car.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the car, the air conditioning is fair. But in terms of safety, thick fender do save lives.

HENRY --From Manila, Philippines.

27th Dec 2005, 03:12

Did anyone check on your tyre pressure when your fuel consumption is high?. 220 to 240 kpa should be about the right figure.

Be gentle on the right foot will also improve the fuel performance.

20th Mar 2006, 04:07

Hey guys, to get some idea from the user of optra 2005, I'm currently using cavalier, all I can say is parts is quiet expensive, but working good as well. however, I'm planning to get optra 2005, should I go ahead of this?

10th Mar 2007, 20:17

Check out the other Optra post about reprogramming your ECUs. This may improve fuel consumption:


Especially for Optra owners from the Philippines.

15th Mar 2007, 12:36

Hi all... well I have a fully loaded 2005 Optra5, she is a sweet ride, and the dark tinted windows I got done makes it look like a sweet ride. My car is as loaded as they can be done. I want to sell it now and get a new one, so if anyone wants to take over lease or buy just email me and let me know... I live in Canada, 30 min north of Toronto.


7th Jun 2007, 09:43

Hey guys for me optra is really a bad car of all, i encountered too much problem from the car.

18th Mar 2008, 19:13

I just got my 05 Optra and the gas mileage is horrible. My 94 Dodge Caravan got better mileage and was cheaper to fill..

Problems I'm having are: my interior light come on when braking or gearing down. It's also hard to shift into first.. have to force it most of the times.

And just recently, lights on dash stay on when the car is off. I noticed this when it wouldn't alarm..

The only complaint I have is the gas at 1.09 cents/L; it costs 50 bucks to fill and I'm lucky to get 350km on a tank. Other than that, I like it... only cause it's still under warranty!!!

It's a good car and I got a good deal, but at the end of lease I won't think twice to trade it in!! And I have only had it a month!!

Tucker, St Catharines, Ontario. Canada

15th Sep 2008, 15:36

Well Optras definitely do guzzle gas. I find myself filling up all the time. The air conditioning and heat is horrible, but other than that I love it!

7th Oct 2008, 20:36

I have a 2005 Optra wagon. Be sure to check the timing belt. I replaced mine at 75,000KM and the difference was phenomenal - it seems that it controls the ignition advance. I can now cruise at 120 kph and there is lots of power left for overtaking should there be trouble ahead. Brakes are good - 4 discs, but the gas consumption is just too much. About 8/9 litres/100km city and maybe 14/15 hwy. I am in Canada and I had thought the engine is 2 litre - I'll check that in the morning.

13th Jan 2009, 01:01

I find this car like the most of the Chevrolets are for (by the way, average US cars) : you buy it and replace it no more than 3 years after, you don´t care about the gas cost and they are a re-make up of others makers, do you wonder why the owner´s manual of the brand new comes in Korean and not in English?. Have you ever try to find parts for a 10 years old Chevy? It is a challenge.

2nd Feb 2010, 07:53

I have a 2005 Optra 5 2 liters, I bought it new and it has 124,000 km now. Was something wrong with electrical system, but the dealer fixed it and it did not come back. So I'm happy with the car; gas consumption is good 7-8 km/liter. I just changed the brakes and it was cheap. I think the car's problems come from driver's feet.

6th Apr 2010, 13:42

I have a new car but its heavy and not good for me, and its drinking too much gasoline; but I AM happy with this car because its rally can thinks.

Suheab al Mashaiky.

4th Dec 2010, 13:26

Good good good, very reliable and powerful engine, Build to last...

Sid from Singapore.

10th Jan 2011, 07:27

Does any one know the part number for the gas cap? I cannot find it anywhere, if you can share it, it would be greatly appreciated.

JB Ontario.

1st Nov 2011, 15:47

WOW, I get almost 700/km per tank. Something is wrong with your car.