25th Aug 2005, 02:43

Hi! I'm also from manila and you are so lucky to have a 1.8L Optra that gives you 10-11 km/l because mine is a 1.6L and consumes 5 km/l of fuel and that's with no heavy or congested traffic and VERY conservative driving. The dealer where I bought it did 3 re-programmings already in the last 7 months and still no success...i'll try to call Chevy north and they might have an answer to my problem... thanks so much!!!

9th Sep 2005, 04:51

I'd greatly appreciate it if you can update me about your re-programming of fuel box at GM-North EDSA. I'm planning to buy a car soon and I've been thinking of getting either an Altis or an Optra 1.6. I heard Altis has better gas mileage than Optra. Though I prefer the interior and exterior looks of the Optra better.

20th Sep 2005, 20:56


I am from Malaysia and I am eager to purchase an Optra 1.6 second hand / used from either a private individual or reseller, but I have to first know of any setbacks to buying this car. For example, I would like to know on.

(i) Fuel / Mileage

(ii) Spare Parts Availability / Price

(iii) Periodical Maintenance

(iv) Any other important tips.

Appreciate your valuable feedback.

25th Sep 2005, 23:17

Greeting from Malaysia.

Apart from other features, I bought Optra 1.8LT Automatic because of Full Time Traction Control. The car controls well on Malaysian road.Infact, this car has a reasonable price compared to other car such as KIA Optima. Corolla Altis may have VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) but this system is only to control body roll.

The only minor problem was:

1) Tyre Noise - I swap with Michelin tyre 25/60 R15 and it performs well, quiet and slightly fuel save.

2) Odometer reads extra 3km - The problem solved when I use 60series tyre instead of 55series.

3) Stiff suspension- Used 60series tyre and you will feel how comfort the car is.

4) Air-cond Compressor has sound when press accelerator- Since it is under warranty, Chevrolet dealer are willingly to help me.

Please note that although this car equip with Traction Control, do not drive fast during raining or slippery road. Even F1 driver can't controlled the car.However, any car with this system will have to sacrifice top speed.That's why 1.6optra slightly has more top speed.Anyhow, you can't keep top speed all time since Malaysia road is winding.

18th Jan 2006, 02:16

Hi OPTRA & Estate (wagon) owner or drivers.

I'm from Singapore, and I'm driving the OPTRA 1.6A Sedan. I like this car, except for the FC is high, and I notice that the engine compartment ventilation is poor; that causes the radiator, battery water and also the fuel to evaporate faster. And if you are driving this car car in the Asian climate, which is hot, this car's performance at noon with hot weather is sluggish, due to engine heat, so I have explore and decided to think of a way to create a ventilation to the engine compartment that makes the engine temperature cooler. And the result was great after having done the ventilation, and also it's improved slightly on the FC.

22nd Aug 2006, 22:10

For Singapore road condition; generally flat, 1.6 litre Optra is good enough.

For Malaysia road where you may need to climb, 1.8 Litre will be good to have.

A few pointers to have good FC.

Check your tyre pressure regularly, approx 220-230pai will be good.

If your wheel is out of alignment, fuel consumption will go up too; have this check once a year.

A lot of people which have the perception that optra consume more petrol then Japanese car may be wrong. When you pump petrol in the tank, auto cutout does not mean that tank is full, thus giving the wrong impression that FC is high basing on fuel gauge reading. You can pump at least another 10 litres in the tank after auto cut out.

This is definitely a value for money vehicles, the price more than offset the slightly higher FC and depreciation factoring in interest rate.

25th Sep 2006, 13:53

Hello OPTRA owners!

I am from Manila and is very much interested to get feedback from you about the optra wagon. I am going to purchase this week and after reading the "downside" of what were written in this thread... I am starting to think twice. Reason why I am getting this is because of the classy interior and decent looking exterior.. oh and of course the COST! I was offered by Chevy Alabang 808K - all in... not bad for an "all-option", safe (disc brakes & airbag) and driver friendly family car! Is the gas consumption really that worse??? I am replacing my 96 Mit Spacewagon because I am thinking that this will help me save gas money... tell me more!

14th Oct 2006, 04:00

Hi, just came back to NZ from a quick trip to Manila. That car is called the Holden Viva here, available in sedan, hatch and wagon, with I think a 1.8 or a 2.0 engine. A friend and my brother's father-in-law both have Optra 1.6 cars (and coincidentally both black). Both complained about poor fuel economy which I initially blamed on the combination of both city traffic and the automatic gearbox. Both getting about 7 km/L when their other cars were getting better mileage in the same conditions. The father-in-law got Chevy to check it out and it was reprogrammed, which cured the problem, the other is still going to get it done.

One suggestion -- unless you're really hell bent on an automatic, why not just get a manual? (I am, of course, referring to those in the Philippines or other countries where most cars are still manual) Automatics ALWAYS have worse fuel economy due to power loss in the torque converter. Besides, clutches these days are nowhere near those of Ford Cortinas. They're pretty light, and they'd be cheaper to repair (just clutches) in a few years when they fail.

22nd Sep 2007, 23:37

To your query, Optras in the Philippines come with standard 5-disc 6-speaker Blaupunkt audio systems.

25th May 2008, 20:01

Here are some links that might give you more info to our Optra or Chevy cars, and I have done many enhancements to the car and the mileage is not too bad.

01. www.mycarforum.com

02. www.teamchevysg.com

03. http://www.google.com.sg/search?hl=en&q=chevy+forum&meta=

To drive a Chevy OPTRA or Estate in an Asian country, we must have good ventilation (that goes to Conti or American car) cos the engine compartment is too hot, and you will feel the slack performance when driving at noon under the hot sun.


Henry (theme8)

11th Sep 2009, 01:33

Hi everyone... I am looking for a new starter and alternator for my Optra 1.6i 16V. Which brand should I take? Which is the original one?

Thanks in advance.

25th Sep 2009, 03:49

Hi All, actually I'm quite interested on Optra 1.8 (A). My concern is what does it means high fuel consumption. Can give more details or example, like how much per KM?

18th Dec 2009, 11:13


I am from Canada, and have a 2005 Optra. Every time we take it in for the engine light, that keeps coming back, the codes do not come up as Optra, but rather Aveo. Can anyone tell me what parts, ie bumper, fenders, other body parts fit this Optra, as I cannot find anything listed as Optra for replacement body parts either. Will the Aveo body parts work if the engine computer is listed as Aveo?