20th Mar 2010, 22:52

Hi, I'm from Manila.. If you're going to buy an Optra 1.8 LT model... You'll suffer the high fuel consumption of the car because it consumes nearly 4-7 Km/L and that really sucks... I have my Optra 1.8LT though; it really look good inside because of the interior design and more space, you just really need to ignore the fuel consumption...^,.,^

3rd Jan 2012, 07:22

How much fuel does it consume per km?

27th Dec 2012, 01:40

Hello all. I am Abhikant Dhiman from India, and I'm living in Chandigarh. I am using an Optra petrol 1.8L (manual). It is a very nice car, and from the interior and space, it is very, very comfortable. It has automatic side mirrors, with folding and adjustments, all side power windows and central locking, sun roof, leather seats, and most important is the wooden finish on the dash board, that gives the feeling of Mercedes and BMW.

Driving comforts are also very good. Pickup is very high, even at 2000 RPM. I am living in Chandigarh, and here traffic lights come after every 1 km, and still it's giving me average of 10-12 KM/L, and on highways it goes to 15-16 KM/L.

Last week I went to Himachal Pradesh Dharamshala (a hilly area) and I put in 45L of petrol, and it ran 630 km before the fuel light came on. No alignment or balancing needed when I came back. It is a very good car if maintained well. Parts can be available anywhere... HAPPY SHOPPING WITH GM.

7th May 2015, 02:15

Hi, I have Chev Optra 2005 manual, and right now the problem is that I can't engage the 5th gear and the shifting lever is loose. The CASA here recommended the replacement of the linkage assembly. Where can I get this part? Or is it really due for replacement? Thanks.

8th Jun 2015, 11:40

Does someone know where in the Philippines we can buy an A/T for an Optra 1.8 LS model 2005?

You can send an e-mail to plabary1020@yahoo.com


26th Nov 2016, 07:05

Hi, can I know what you did to the ventilation? Thanks.