15th Oct 2009, 11:21

I have a Chevy Optra. My first car.

First year, no problems.

Since Aug 2009, it's had a few minor issues, but engine light kept coming on, so took it in again and was told it's the head gasket. Good thing is I ended up getting GM to reimburse me some money, because I had that issue 2 months earlier with the gasket, and at that time was still under warranty, so pleased with the fact that a $1361 bill will now only be about $300.

But the engine light is back on car a week and a half later, seems to be running fine, but don't want to be constantly dealing with the engine light, thinking I should buy my own OBD reader.

20th Dec 2009, 23:22

If the gas cap is not closed properly... the check engine light will come one. So, check the gas cap. Just a suggestion.

30th Jul 2010, 08:18

When my gas cap wasn't closed, I had the same problem. I actually replaced mine with the one that does not close; you know with the hole for the gas pump to go in. So far it has worked perfectly. Perhaps this is a common problem with the Optras. Mine is a 2005 with 70,0000. When this began happening to me, I had just purchased the vehicle.

2nd Apr 2012, 21:36

I am having a problem with my engine light as well. I am tired of it coming on and off. I saw a commercial on the weekend for the CarMD, I was thinking of buying it. I don't know if you have fixed your problem yet or not?

24th Apr 2012, 15:30

My 2005 Chev Optra was a great car, except for the fact that nothing I can do will turn off the engine light as well. It has been on since I got the car. I also ended up paying 2000 for a head gasket. Only two more payments and I will finally own the car, however, I'm wondering what will go on it next.