19th Apr 2013, 00:09

That is another fault with the Optra 5, 2006, which I too have. There is only one place to fill up the wiper washer fluid, in the front, to the right next to the battery. The problem is in the rear hatch that lifts up; in the top left corner, you will find that the connecting tubing turns at a ninety degree angle and then kinks, cutting off the supply to the rear wiper jet. Even my dealer did nothing. I fixed it myself, cutting out the kink, getting a right angle piece of brass tubing from the Canadian Tire plumbing section and joining the two - you might also have to extend the tubing with a straight piece connector as well. When my rear wiper jet stopped working, it showed up in the inside of the left car seat upholstery, soaked with washer fluid, which I then had to have shampooed.

10th Jul 2013, 15:39

I loved this car... when it was under warranty.

Here is a list of problems I have had with my 2006 Optra5 (purchased new in 2006):

1) Back wiper fluid no longer sprays (probably something to do with that comment above and kinking, who knows).

2) Computer system completely replaced just before the warranty ended... The car died in an intersection, no power at all and very unsafe.

3) Some leaking seal in the engine in the first few years I had it (not the head gasket... yet!)

4) Spider webs in the fuel system blocking air flow so I couldn't fill the gas tank with fuel... $250 to rip it all apart and tell me this, then clean it and put it all together again... Thanks GM for giving me nothing to stop this from happening again! (Heard this happened to another brand of car, they fixed it at no charge and put in a part to stop this recurring.)

5) Each year the gas consumption noticeably gets worse!!

6) Blew a speaker and the music is never that loud. Noticeable when the volume is up.

7) Brakes, complete replacement of the brake system. (I'm not sure, this is probably normal wear and tear?)

8) Manufacturer recalls on headlights/lamps.

9) Various check engine light problems that GM could never recover codes for, because they would always reset.

8) NEW PROBLEM TODAY at only 63,000 kms.. HEAD GASKET blown!!! $2,000+ to repair.

Now, to repair or to replace the entire vehicle??? That is the question.

22nd May 2014, 13:36

I am having similar problems with my engine not turning off. It will even stay running after I pull the key out of the ignition! It seems to only occur if it is raining really hard outside and I have to use my wipers continuously.

Also the main relay in the fuse box under the hood is clicking when the problem is acting up. After a few hours of the car cooling down, the problem goes away on its own. Did you ever figure out what the problem was? Thanks.

18th Aug 2014, 06:30

The problem you have with the light is because of a part that was recalled. You can get it fixed for free.

30th Oct 2014, 20:08

I bought my Chevy Optra in June of 2006. It is the best for parking etc. and is the right fit for me, however once I reached 75000 km the transmission had to be replaced.

It started giving me problems on my way home from work, a 45 minute drive. Started surging and at one time it stopped running altogether.

I have also had wiring problems. That are related to the electrical harness. The dealership did what they called a quick fix. That was about a year ago. I have received another recall letter in July 2014 stating the parts were not available for the electrical problem. We are at the end of October and they still do not have the parts?

30th Oct 2014, 20:16

You can get it fixed once they have the parts?