1998 Chevrolet S-10 Extended Cab 4.3 from North America


Had it for 3 years now. The first couple, just regular maintenance, new fuel pump and a new water pump, then an oil leak.

Took it to several shops; only found one in town that actually found it needed several gaskets, so I agreed with all to be replaced. Went to pick it up after paying 1100.00, drove out of the lot, and went about 1 mile, then turned around because of the noise that just got louder the closer I got. They said they would look at it and let me know. Keep in mind I never heard any noise until now.

Now they say they have to replace the bearings in the engine? Is this normal, what's the cause please?

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Review Date: 1st February, 2011

1998 Chevrolet S-10 LS 4.3L Vortec from North America


A solid truck to own


My water pump went out at 100,000 miles.

My coil went out at bout 75,000 miles.

My transmission went out at 165,000 miles.

Brakes needs attention every 70,000 miles.

General Comments:

This 4.3L Vortec engine is a strong motor for this little truck.

You will not have a problem with the motor.

It's a small truck, so don't be jealous of the big boys..

You take care of this truck, and it will return the favor...

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Review Date: 15th March, 2009

21st Jun 2009, 22:02

Just curious, what happened to the transmission?

1998 Chevrolet S-10 ZR2 4.3 from North America




Idler arm.

Hub bearing.


Brake booster.

Master cylinder.

Rear rotors.

4 wheel drive actuator.

Front end alignment.

General Comments:

This is a great truck, I beat it to death and when I had it looked at yesterday after taking it off roading, the guy said there was nothing wrong with it. All I had was a shot steering stabilizer, and even the ball joints, which I thought were shot were fine.

I have a few oil leaks that I need to fix, but nothing big.

This thing has a 2 inch lift from the Tbar crank and the add- a- leafs. With the mud tires and oversized rims, the mechanic says it's running hard and strong.

This truck may ride rough, but it runs just as good as it looks. GREAT TRUCK!!!

I know a lot of people are not having luck with theirs. This just goes to show that it is possible to have an old ZR2 that still runs like a champ. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

10 miles to the gallon and I still love her. A rough little truck with a lot of power and capability.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2009

1998 Chevrolet S-10 2.2 4 cylinder from North America


Great first vehicle


I bought this truck off my overweight ex-military grandfather. He was the second owner. He got the truck when it was only about a year old. He didn't fuss with it at all. Just used it. Although he did take it to the dealer for maintenance and the like.

When my grandfather owned it, the rear brake lines rusted out around 60 000 km. Not entirely the trucks fault. My grandfather never undercoated the truck for Canadian winters with all the salt and sand on the roads. I got it undercoated when I first purchased it and will continue to. It also had a new EGR valve put on around the same time the brake lines went out. Grandfather said it made a big difference in fuel mileage after getting the new EGR on.

I had to get another seat for it. Not the truck's fault. More just from my heavy grandfather getting in and out. I managed to get a used seat for $50 from a friend.

Had to get the fenders and lower parts of the cab re-painted. Paint had flaked off and was beginning to rust. Also the lower edge of the tailgate was starting to rust. I managed to get it fixed in time before any major damage. Cost was $625 for the body work. Bumpers are both just a satin black and looked dull from 10 years of use. I sanded and primed then painted the bumpers myself. Cost was just supplies, about $30.

I purchased mudflaps for the truck to try and prevent the fenders from flaking off again. Cost was about $30.

Truck currently needs an alignment. I plan on getting it done before the truck hits the road in the spring.

The stock door speakers were blown or something. They didn't sound good or clear at all so I replaced them with some 6.5 inch Pioneer speakers that were on sale at the time. Also upgraded to a Sony head-unit.

Just last week it was put into storage because I don't have my license yet. But the weather was cold and the parking brake seemed to let go. Not sure what the problem was. Just seems it won't lock on. I will take a look at it in the spring.

Mine has the aluminum "swirlie" styled wheel and the aluminum has oxidized like crazy. Plans are to sand the wheels smooth and paint a silver color similar.

General Comments:

Nice little truck (standard cab, short box).

Interior parts seem very cheaply made.

Ex. The hood pop switch could very easily be broken with your leg getting in or out. I have heard many people say they have broken the seat recline handle. Still a good truck. Can't expect too much from a cheaper truck.

Mine has the 5 speed transmission. I drove it some last summer with my beginners permit and it works decent. Has lower km on it so the transmission is very smooth and tight.

The engine is pretty gutless and slow to accelerate. But that is expected from a small 120 hp motor pulling a 3500? pound vehicle. Still does a good enough job getting me around though. Keeps me out of trouble speeding or messing around.

It is decent on fuel but not as good as you may think. About 27 mpg average.

The 2wd model is pretty useless in snow unless you know how to drive it. It needs about 200 lbs over the rear wheels and very easy releases with the clutch in snow. A good set of snow tires is also a must. With all seasons and parked upwards on a snowy hill the clutch had to be easily released or it would just sit and spin. Not bad for what is really a one wheel drive truck.

Mine is very base-model besides the aluminum wheels. Manual locks, windows, trans, no AC, but that just means less things to break to me. Which I like. I don't mind driving with the windows down in the summer either.

Truck has a very good heating system. Maybe it is because of the small cab. In the winter you can have it pretty much boiling in the cab in no time at all.

The seats and interior is very comfortable and well laid out. Everything is within easy reach while driving.

Still have the original space saver spare under the truck but it is so rusty and it doesn't even hold air anymore but I still leave it under the truck. I bought a full size spare on a steel wheel and have it in the bed of the truck at all times.

The factory included tool kit is very compact and easy to use the jack. I would rather use a X shaped tire wrench then the supplied one.

Handling is pretty decent for a compact truck with stock suspension. Ride can be harsh over abrupt bumps or rough terrain. But it is a truck. It is probably about due for a new set of shocks all around.

Bottom line is despite the little things this truck has wrong with it, I love it and would recommend the 2wd version to anyone looking for a small truck for light use.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2009