2003 Chevrolet S-10 LS ZR2 4.3 Liter V6 from North America


Overall I feel this truck to be a strong performer and I found it well worth the money spent


The only problems I have encountered with this truck are problems I have caused myself. I have fried the starter, from it being covered in mud for a extended period of time and overheating.

The only other problem I have encountered was having the third door's handle break.

General Comments:

This truck although mildly underpowered in my opinion performs very well both on road and off.

On road this truck handles very well, and never seams to have excessive body roll. It have decent pickup however it does feel like it needs a bit of a horsepower boost. The brakes are not the most powerful brakes I have ever seen on a truck, but they do the job relatively well. The road noise never seams to get to loud.

Off road this truck far surpasses my expectations. I am a avid off roader, and I have pushed this truck to its limits while it was stock and found it to perform extremely well. I have currently installed a 5" suspension lift from BDS and I am running 33" Bf Goodrich mud terrain tires.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2005

8th Jan 2006, 21:19

I have the same truck, only from a few years earlier.

My 3rd door handle also broke, I was wondering how you fixed it? Or if you left it alone.

Thanks, Sarah.

If you could email me at sarahface@gmail.com

(Thanks Again!)

2003 Chevrolet S-10 ZR2 4.3 Vortec from North America


I am disappointed with this truck and the dealer.


Body rattles and squeaks.

Engine light comes on frequently due to apparent engine miss-fire and engine lacks power.

4x4 control module failed.

Fuses blow repeatedly causing loss of transfer case control.

General Comments:

This vehicle is nice looking and performs OK when working properly.

The problems listed above are on-going, the truck has been in the service dept. 3 weeks in a row with similar problems. The dealer does not seem to care that this is a really big inconvenience.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2005

26th Mar 2006, 21:59

I have had some of the same problems. I have a 2002 ZR2 with 60,000 miles, and for the most part love it. It handles good while traveling, and is great offroad, but problems keep nagging me.

Fuel economy is horrible. The 4WD module went out-$400. Went for awhile with no problems, then the airflow valve failed. Recently, the oil lines needed to be replaced (leaking) which cost $300. The next week, it started shaking badly. Turned out the bearings in the rear differential were burnt. $1000. Also the u-joints needed replacing (which I know go out on this kind of truck). It also rattles quite a bit. Add to this the dozens of times the SES light has come on, for "a knock sensor" and it's just not worth worrying about.

When its working, its as fun a truck as one could hope for. When its not...

My advice: fork out the extras $$$ and get a tacoma.

2003 Chevrolet S-10 LS ZR2 4.3 from North America


Great truck, but might need repairs


Bad gas mileage!

Windows don't close above 40 mph.

Door molding is cracking.

Had muffler and exhaust replaced around 4000 miles. (free under factor warranty)

Last weekend around 12,800 miles the AC/defrost controller failed due to fluid in the vacuum lines. (free under factor warranty).

General Comments:

I've had this truck 2 years so far, but haven't put a lot of miles on it since I live 5 miles from work. I have had minor problems, but not anything that I didn't get it back the next day. My dealer always gives me a 4X4 demo when it needs repairs. Everything has been repaired under the factory warranty. I know there are some problems with this model from reading the other reviews, but I'm still happy with my purchase.

I haul my 650 pound ATV in the bed and it still drives like a dream. The 31" tires sometimes make a bit of noise when cornering. The 4 wheel drive has no problems on the old logging trails up my camp. I haven't noticed much noise in the cab like others stated they have heard.

With all things considered I still love this truck. Sure it had some things that needed fixed, but they were all fixed for free. The most I spent on it so far (besides the payment and gas) was $40/year for inspections and $15 for a headlamp. I also have the extended warranty for the future since I am hard on my trucks. It has plenty of power for all the day to day things I do and looks great for being totally stock! I plan to keep this truck for a while.

Also I recommend finding a good dealer that will work with you when you do have problems with a vehicle. I use to sell Fords 3 years ago and know how a good dealer can make a difference when you do have problems. I read a few reviews where the dealer didn't want work with the customer or the dealer couldn't find a problem. Remember you don't have to take it back to the same dealer that you bought it at to get warranty work done. Another dealer will love to take your business and fix your vehicle since the dealer still gets paid for warranty work!

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2005

10th Jan 2006, 16:13

I just traded this truck (2003 ZR2) in on the 2nd of Jan 2006 for a new 2006 Ford F150 FX4 Supercab. When I traded the S-10 in, it had 16,109 miles on it. I had no other problems other than the previous listed above. I must say that I was a little sad to see her sold to someone else. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my new Ford FX4 but anyone thinking about getting a ZR2 will NOT be disappointed! I just wish that I had the money to keep my ZR2 for offroading and use my new Ford for every day driving.