9th Jan 2018, 00:13

Update Jan 2018 (yes, I still have this thing!).

The clutch slave cylinder let go around 170,000. Since it was slipping under heavy throttle anyway, it was time to replace all that. Also around the same time, the "rubbery" gearshift turned out to be the actual shifter stick which broke, down inside the rubberized shaft where it screws onto the transmission yoke. Determined this when it literally ripped off in my hand one evening. Cut the broken section off, and managed to screw it back on with what threads were left. It's a little shorter now.

180,000 was time for new front brakes, rotors and bearings again. Seems I only get about 3 years out of them. The small outer bearings only seem to be available from China now, and they, in a word, suck.

Currently have 195,000 on the truck, and have just finished repairing the parking brake pedal, which at first got stuck with the winter cold, then once it released would not latch down again. Ended up taking the whole pedal assembly out to see what was wrong (pain in the @$$, BTW) and found the spring inside had gotten hung up and wouldn't let the ratchet re-engage. Freed it up and doused it in PB Blaster and WD-40 to make sure it wouldn't do that again.

The plastic trims in the interior are starting to really show their age; some are cracking and going to pieces, like the speaker grilles on the dash, and the dash/gauge bezel. Others are fading and getting that chalky look, mainly the door panels. The driver's door, even with good bushings and pins, seems to pull away from the seal just enough to make a lot of interior noise at highway speeds, especially if driving into the wind. The indigo blue paint is shot. It's not pretty looking anymore, but it's still dependable.