24th Jan 2003, 08:42

I have a 97 S-10 ZR2 off-road 4x4. I think they are great trucks. Only problem I have is that it blows fuses. Here recently my radio, horn, interior lights went out. I think it is a fuse anyway, I haven't checked it yet.

20th May 2003, 10:15

I would like to know what is the deal with the S-10's blowing the intake manifold gaskets. Mine has gone too and I have only 50,750 miles on the vehicle. The vehicle also blows rear turn lights like candy. Never a Chevy again.

17th Sep 2003, 17:53

I purchased my 1999 S-10 new with a 4 cylinder., p.s., p.b., AC, automatic and FM stereo. To date, it has 99,180 miles on it, and runs like a dream... All I have replaced is the front brake pads at 75,000, regular oil, filter and grease jobs every 5,000 miles. The tires are the original Uniroyal's from the factory and will be replaced this fall (2003).. It's the best vehicle I have ever owned, inexpensive to operate and all original. Sorry to hear about all the complaints. John.

12th Dec 2003, 07:02

I bought a 1997 S-10 ZR2 at 19000 miles and I have had nothing, but problems with it since day one. The mechanism to shift to 4WD has failed twice leaving me stranded, AC compressor has been replace, intake manifold coolant leak, water pump has been replaced, front brake lines, it has had three batteries, three sets of front brakes, windshield wiper problems, fuel level sending unit has failed, rear view mirror fell off, its starting to rust at the rear corners of the cab, the rear folding seat cover have broke numerous times and a lot more problems too many to name, all before 80,000 miles. I don't treat it rough and rarely take it off road. I will never purchase another S-10.

5th Mar 2004, 21:30

I also have a 97 s-10 and my passenger manual mirror fell off. But I am positive this problem is due to not opening it up right. Let me explain. I remember turning the mirror in once and then opening it back up. The problem was that I didn't open it up all the way and the notch didn't click where it was supposed to. Because of that it put a lot of strain on the mirror. I noticed it, but didn't bother to put the position in the right place cause I was being lazy. This happened during a 1,500 mile trip to mexico. On my way back the mirror was bouncing very hard and I finally decided to pull over and align it right. After that I noticed it was loose. After that it just became more loose with time. Finally about 15,000 miles later it just fell off. So maybe everyone is having the problem cause they didn't open the mirror up all the way... hope this helps...

2nd Aug 2004, 17:36

My 97 Chevy S10 has been excellent with just regular oil changes- I am still on the original spark plugs, and I am now over 122,700 miles. I was rear ended 2 years ago and pushed into the vehicle in front of me- causing nearly $5000.00 damage, yet I was still able to drive it the 50 miles to home. Aside from very minor problems, I have nothing but praise for Chevrolet.

30th Aug 2004, 20:43

I own a 97 s-10. the 2.2 motor always has problems. I have a 4.3 and it has 126,000 miles and the truck runs like new. I've done some mods, but it's a pretty peppy truck and pretty reliable so far.

9th Sep 2006, 19:08

My 97 chevy s-10 has 211,000 miles on it!! Has been a great truck! Only things needing replacement are things you should expect to replace after some miles have been put on it. Never had an engine, transmission, or any major problem!! Chevy rules!!!

13th Sep 2006, 07:04

I got a 1997 Chevy S-10 ZR2 4x4 Off Road package. I don't off- road, well maintained, low miles only 36,000... yeah I live close to work and walk. Desert southwest USA location.

Problems history:

1. Right sideview mirror came loose, replaced

2. Alternator replaced

3. Battery replaced three times, I live in very hot desert

4. Serpentine belt replaced

5. Fuel level sending unit replaced.

Been a superb truck, no other problems. MPG sucks though.

10th Oct 2007, 15:37

Call that guy up that said the battery would melt and tell him need to schedule an appointment to have your headlights recharged and get your muffler oil changed!! While you are there see if he will rotate your steering wheel for you too!!

18th Jan 2008, 11:14

I had a 97 S-10, I have a review on her labeled "like a rock" I completely agree with your review. The lower intake is VERY common on all GM v-6 from this era from the 3.1 V6 to the 4.3 V6. That coolant they use (DEXCOOL) is crap!! Get rid of it, flush all that junk out and use the coolant that is UNIVERSAL, I did and my heater worked a lot better and engine ran cooler (after replacing 2 heater cores, thermostat and radiator that DEXCOOL gunked up inside of) The 4.3 is a good solid motor though, power when you need it and decent fuel economy for a V6. The transmission fluid thing with the rust, mine had it too. Bad design from GM. Flush it and it happens again quickly. My trans was starting to slip a little @ 88K just before I totaled my truck.

5th Sep 2008, 09:24

I recently purchased a 2WD 1997 S-10 LT extended-cab, 4.3 V6 with 5-spd manual. It has many of the same issues noted in all these reviews, but because of the issues, I got it super cheap. So far I've done the repairs myself, and parts are cheap. The labor is not hard either. Don't get rooked by a repair shop!

Wiper issue: Bad wiper pulse module. $29 part at Autozone, held on to wiper motor with three bolts. 30-min max repair. Works great now!

Turn Signals: You have to remove the lower panel on the dash, quite a few screws but not a hard job. Flashers for signals and hazards are behind that panel. When you pull the panel down, they mount behind the lighter area. Wiper flasher is on the right, hazard on the left. Fixed!

Outside mirrors. Crappy design, the right mirror wiggles, will replace it. Seen these as cheap as $7.50 on Ebay. May replace with newer 1998 style, told those don't break as easy.

Brakes were worn. Did them myself in about an hour. $39 new pads. Stops great!

CHANGE ALL THE FLUIDS. Did the oil, manual tranny fluid, and rear diff fluid. Flushing the cooling system is next. Hate that Dex-Cool crap, but so far it runs cool. Have not tried the heater... and I live in texas so won't need it much anyway.

A/C vents only blow on floor and defrost. There is a vacumn "ball" mounted to the hood itself. Replace the rubber vacumn hoses going to and from this, and also the one going from this to the engine. EASY and cheap fix, vents blow perfect now!

I still have to fix my parking brake, my reverse lights don't work, and my fuel gauge shows full all the time. I think the fuel gauge is the sender (common issue from what I've read), which I've seen on Ebay for $25. Will have to drop the tank, and am procrastinating. Have not chased down the reverse lights yet, or the parking brake issue, but I'm sure the cable snapped.

It's a project, but is fun to fix and if you do it yourself will not cost you a fortune. The 4.3 is a great engine, had one in a 93 S-10 that was still going at 300,000 miles. Love the looks of the truck and it runs and drives very well even with 122,000 miles on it.