23rd Jun 2005, 23:45

I have never been a Chevy fan, but, in 2002, I wanted to trade in my 1990 Nissan 4X4 extended cab with 198,000 miles on the Odo for a truck with a third door.

Chevy was the only company that offered what I was looking for. Nissan only had a crew cab, Ford had a 4-door extended cab, but wanted too much $$$. I found the Chevy to be aggressive looking, VERY pleasing to the eye both inside and out and reasonably priced. I liked the Vortec V6; everything I had heard about it was good. I've known people to have nagging problems with various Chevy trucks, but I've only known one person with an S-10, and he did have problems with his auto-locking hubs. But it turned out to be his fault, he had pulled the vacuum line off on a bush or something while 4wheeling.

So I bit the bullet and bought a 2002 Chevy LS extended cab 4X4 ZR2. 3 years now, and 65,000 miles, and the only problem I've had is the turn signal indicator in the dash, for left turns doesn't work intermittently. The turn signal IS working outside though. That has been the ONLY problem.

I've traveled coast to coast with my motorcycle in the back. I've gone 4-wheeling with other off-road enthusiasts, and it has never left me stuck. I like the stereo system, the interior is comfortable, the controls are all within easy reach, and this 3rd door is so easy to gain access to the extended cab. I have to admit, that I am more than 100% happy with the truck.

I'm sorry to hear that others have had problems with their vehicles, I have to admit, that I am rather anal about my vehicle maintenance. I still change my oil every 2000 miles regardless of what they recommend. Since I live in an extremely hot climate.

I would recommend this truck to others due to my complete satisfaction with its performance, off-roading abilities, and reliability. It is a great truck and has held up well. I hope the next 150,000 miles are just as good.

Art Bartlett

Phoenix, Arizona.