2005 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 Offroad 5.3 from North America


Very unreliable


Although the car had "passed" inspection from the dealership, less than a month after I bought the car, the brake lines failed. It took three trips to the shop to have them fixed completely. Then the fuel lines went bad and had to be changed.

At 102000 miles, the transmission failed and had to be rebuilt.

At 126000 the power steering core and lines had to be replaced. The A/C condenser had to be be changed.

The truck once in a while will stop running. After a couple of minutes, it starts again and then will stop running. Then it doesn't do it for a couple of months and then again. May have been fixed by tightening a loose ground bolt on front driver's fender...

Then there's the rust all over the rocker panels and god knows where else...

General Comments:

It's been a very annoying truck to own due to its unreliability.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2019

6th Mar 2019, 14:51

Please read your carcomplaints.com on any used vehicle you want to purchase. On that particular vehicle it would have gave you a clunker alert on it. Chevy built some good vehicles, but they also built some duds too. Buying an unreliable used car can be very expensive to repair. Also that site will give you insight into what problems you might encounter with that purchase.

6th Mar 2019, 18:57

Once you replace with stainless lines, you should be fine. A couple of fellow Silverado owners said that the lines rust due to the elements, mainly from just the salted roads. Buy a new set and replace. Mine are original with rare salt exposure, and I rinsed them underneath right away if exposed to salt roads.

2005 Chevrolet Silverado LS 5.3 from North America


Love my Silverado


Since I’ve owned the vehicle nothing much on the vehicle has given out with the exception of the stepper motors and lights in the dash. I have also got a few “service 4w drive” indications and airbag lights come on since I’ve had it.

The stepper motors and lights were easy to replace and inexpensive. If you know how to do basic soldering and use a digital multi meter, then you’ll be fine.

The 4w drive service light came on a few times, but realized that it was due to the 4x4 switch not outputting the correct voltage, which was another inexpensive repair. Simple plug and play.

The airbag light was simply a loose harness connection on the bottom left kick panel of the driver's side, which just needs to either be wiggled occasionally, or if you want it could unplugged and with slight pin adjustments will fix the issue.

General Comments:

Since I’ve owned the truck haven’t had any issues mechanically with it. Also, on another note, once I bought it, I had a 4 inch lift installed with 37 inch tires. This hasn’t caused any issues with the exception of gas mileage decreasing.

The truck is nimble when it comes to handling, and the 5.3 engine provides enough power for the average person. I’ve pulled 8200 pounds without any issues or overheating. Only recommendation is to buy a brake controller.

An awesome feature of the 5.3 with vin z is that it accepts ethanol/e85 fuel. May hinder gas mileage, but you’ll truly notice the increase in throttle response and power.

I would definitely buy another Silverado.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2017

2005 Chevrolet Silverado small V8 from North America


Don't buy it


ABS light on.

Check engine light on (due to fuel gauge not working).

Tail gate keeps falling down.

Water pump went.

General Comments:

Rides great, but lots of check engine problems.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2016

2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab LT 5.3L V8 from North America


Not worth the $39K!!!


First problem, which started at about 5k miles, was a knocking noise in the front end. Knocking would occur when making tight turns and hitting bumps in the road. Took it in and they "fixed" it. Problem started occurring again in the last 3 months or so. The dealer told me it is a "defect." This makes me wonder how much it will cost to have it fixed when the warranty runs out.

The memory seats seem to have a case of alzheimers and tend to forget where they were set. Apparently the only memory they have is to send me into the dashboard at an attempt to break my legs ala "Christine."

The transmission has begun to slip and goes from slipping to being jerky. Cause unknown...

The cigarette lighter plug decided to give up the other day and does not work.

Auto dimming rearview mirror seems to be in cahoots with the memory seats as they brighten and dim on a whim.

Already needs new tires all around. The tires sold with the truck (brand-new) are crap...

General Comments:

I bought this truck brand new in 2005. It is rarely driven because I have a company car that I drive to work and back with. The truck is driven mainly for pleasure and all the miles are highway. It is very comfortable inside and has all the bells and whistles. But quality is lacking!!

For having so few miles and being well taken care of it's a shop queen. I dread the day the warranty expires!!

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Review Date: 27th July, 2007

8th Aug 2008, 08:44

I have the same truck and had the same transmission issue. At 58k mile it went completely out. The issue was the transmission cooler is in the radiator and had gotten (somehow?) a hairline crack in it and mixed the tranny fluid and antifreeze so I had antifreeze in my transmission. It was out of warranty but Chevrolet covered the cost. Now 2k miles later back in to have valve body replaced for a shutter at 45-50mph and they were very cautious about fluid in transmission case again. Seems like this may be a major issue. I applaud Chevrolet for taking care of the cost and giving me a 100k warranty on transmission but would rather not have to keep dealing with.

19th Aug 2018, 19:11

Just wondering, both my Silverado transmission and transfer case went out due to design flaws (opinion of the service manager at a local Chevy dealer) but GM declined any culpability or responsibility. So I'm wondering... how did you get GM to honor your equipment failure?