Silverado WT 4.3L

Solid work truck, gas sipper, fun when modified

199 words, North America

Silverado 4.3

A good looking, solid and reliable vehicle

67 words, North America

Silverado LS 5.3L

Watch for the tranny and electrical gremlins!

258 words, North America, 9 comments

Silverado LT 5.8

It has been reliable

73 words, North America

Silverado 2500HD LT3 6.6L turbo diesel

Best engine/transmission combo out there for moderate to heavy towing, Allison tranny is bombproof

41 words, North America, 2 comments

Silverado 2500HD LT3 6.6L Duramax diesel

I needed more power/towing capacity from my 1500 Silverado, I absolutely made the right choice

35 words, North America

Silverado LT 6.0

This vehicle is the reason why my son will drive a Toyota, and his son will do the same

103 words, North America, 23 comments

Silverado LT1 Crew Cab 5.3

Well worth the experience, a great all around truck

180 words, North America

Silverado LT1 5.3

Very comfortable clean lines and mechanical response

252 words, North America