2008 Chevrolet Silverado LT 5.3 flex fuel iron block 4x4 from North America


TANK!!! I love Chevy trucks and everything about them


Absolutely nothing other than brakes (I drive my vehicles hard), although with the back drums I drove from Vancouver to Saskatchewan with them grinding and continued to put on about 5,000km, all whilst grinding; not bad for original drums. Also the front rotors and pads were replaced at 290k (swapped out the pads only at 220k when I bought the truck, but should have done the rotors at the same time as they were original to the vehicle).

The dipstick tube snapped off at 275,000km. 100$ for a new one installed, not a big deal, although I did drive it about 3 months without fixing the issue, and had lower oil pressure and at times barely any oil in engine from it leaking out; didn't damage anything.

Everything else is original: starter, alternator, wheel bearings, engine, suspension components etc, etc. The one previous owner had the truck from new; said he did nothing except the brakes once at 120k.

General Comments:

Love it. I went from driving a 6 speed manual Acura CL Type S (awesome car) to this Chevy, so naturally it got driven pretty hard; there isn't one day I've drove this truck without hitting the rev limiter.

This was my first newer 4x4 and it came with nice Duratracs. My first winter I was 4x4 launching wide open throttle from cold starts first thing in the morning like everyday!! This truck should be on a YouTube video showing how well GM started building their vehicles (I have owned GMs in past that had issues); I literally stress tested this thing to hell and back and it still starts up for more!!! Ran over curbs at 30km an hour, and it still drives straight. Hit things, the front bumper is solid, destroyed a Nissan Sentra with a cracked light cover and scratched bumper corner LOL. Foot flat to the floor hauling stuff, passing people, transmission working so hard it's at 120 degrees C!!! LOL this Chevy literally hasn't had one easy day in its life since I had it.

I'm a painting contractor, I use it for work, bought the thing 2 years ago for 8750, and it's still worth what I paid today; the previous owner missed the 200k maintenance and told me to have it done when I bought the truck... Never did any maintenance other than engine oil and actually the spark plugs (removed the originals at 225k!!!). Coolant was changed at 100k; still the same stuff at 300k.

This truck literally still runs and drives like the day I bought it. Honestly can't believe Chevy made these so good (got tons of friends with the same truck).

Driven it through the mountains with a full load (scaffolds, paint sprayers etc), 6x back and forth now, revving the thing like crazy up hills (I have a heavy foot). Also towed a buddy's newer diesel truck a good distance when his tranny cooler line, blew and towed another buddy's big old diesel van when his engine blew up.

Honestly wanted a Toyota Tundra before this; now I'm looking for another 2007-2009 Silverado with lower km that was maybe a little better maintained and a crew cab (mine's extended).

Wouldn't mind a 2500 next either to have long box with the 4 doors!! A 6.0 would be nice too, although I can't complain about the 5.3. I can say my buddy's 6.0 with 470,000 km runs like a champ and has hauled concrete and trailers its whole life.

Chevy built these things so good you can launch them just like the GTR LOL!! Gotta watch Armageddon Turbo Systems on YouTube.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2017

11th Jun 2017, 03:16

The Vortecs are powerful engines. Out of curiosity, why are you launching at WOT with a cold engine?

11th Jun 2017, 14:47

I dressed mine up with very nice tasteful accessories, upgraded sound system, aftermarket wheels with Michelins, Borla, intake, race pedals etc but it's always still a truck. Mainly used for towing. Not by any means a race piece. But responsive power for what it is.

2008 Chevrolet Silverado LS 5.3 from North America


It's a work truck and gets the job done


I notice 3 things wrong with this vehicle.

1. Will be sitting at a stop sign / light, and the vehicle thumps. The first time it happened, I thought someone hit my rear end.

2. The stock audio system mid speakers (in the doors) both cut out randomly for no reason, not due to any adjustments.

3. The female (receiver) part of the driver's side seat belt has failed once; it would not lock to the male part. I replaced that with a dealer OEM part, and now this one is starting to do the same thing; that's several attempts to latch the belt in.

A final word are the tire sensors; they don't last over 5 years and are expensive to replace.

General Comments:

I have been happy with it for the most part, but for a full size truck the cab is a little cramped with not much room to lean the seat back (standard cab) without hitting the back wall, or losing leg room by moving the seat forward to give more room to lean the seat back. The engine and drive train have been solid. Would like to have been able to disable the tire sensor warning light when the sensors started failing, but it is mixed in with other computer stuff; over $65 dollars per wheel to replace.

The huge plastic head lights seem overkill, and are starting to get that plastic fog look. Early and later models had much smaller head lights. And light colored cloth seats in a truck should be a no no.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2015