25th Jul 2008, 14:52

I just joined the hole in the transfer case club with my 03 Silverado. I had 73K miles and it will be costing me $1200 today. I noticed through other sites there was a tech notification sent out in 07 which discusses the 1998-2007 light duty trucks and utilities. GM knows this has been a problem and they have come out with a fix but not a recall. Looking through other sites and blogs, there are a lot of repairs being made at our expense which GM should be taking care of.

13th Apr 2009, 08:51

Apparently I'm now in this club too! My 2003 Suburban has developed the leak "according to my mechanic"...

Has anyone made any progress with GM on this issue? This is going to really stink!

I'd also be curious as to what others have done to resolve the issue!


29th Sep 2009, 11:59

I recently had the same problem with my 2004 2500HD Duramax with 160 klm's, (about 90,000 miles.) Dealer told me it was a seal but I took it for a second opinion to a local transmission shop. The owner crawled under the truck and told me I had a common problem of a pinhole. $1500.00 Can later I'm good to go. Looking at Fords now.

4th Nov 2009, 05:08

I have a 2002 Chevy Duramax 4x4 with 171,000 miles. I took it into the dealer today for an oil change and was informed that I also have a hole in the transfer case. I was told that it was caused by the clip from the oil pump and it would cost $800.00 to $1800.00 to fix the problem. They also told me that even with the fix it can happen again.

27th Jan 2010, 22:39

Just figured it out last night! Wish I could have known before it got too bad. A friend had his fixed 2 years ago for about $400. The best I could do was to put a new one in this Friday for $1080. Why no recall? Simple, no one will be killed, and that means GM will not be sued!

30th Jan 2010, 13:30

I just picked mine up today for the same problem. Went in for an oil change and to check a problem with the fuel elevation spiking. I was informed that I too had a hole in the transfer case. After doing a lot of research, I see that I am not the only one. I have been on the phone with customer service several times, and they have agreed to pay some of the cost, but not all. I believe that if it's something that occurs as often as it obviously does, then why would they not want to make it right for the owners. We should not have to pay for something that results from a flaw in the engineering. I am a very loyal GM buyer, and get all my vehicles serviced regularly at the dealer. I may start doing all my own service, or get it done elsewhere if this is how they are going to do things.

9th Feb 2010, 22:50

Same problem, hole in transfer case, $2175.00, 2003 Suburban with 64000 miles. GM customer service went back and forth with me for three days. They only offered me a $1000.00 certificate towards a new vehicle. Big deal.

I presently own 8 GM cars and trucks. I will not buy another one. Mr. Obama can keep his vehicles from now on out.

24th Feb 2010, 16:46

Just got the same bad leaky TC case news today. 109k on my 03 LS/Z71.

$1200 + $200 labor. :-(

26th Feb 2010, 05:43

Same problem. I have 05 2500 with 83000 miles, and almost went thru the windshield today. I was slowing down and getting ready to turn while in 4 wheel drive, and the TC froze up. That makes for abrupt stop. Luckily no one was behind me, and it happened at slow speed.

10th Mar 2010, 11:28

03 Suburban, same issue, GM customer service no help, dealership service knows about problem, however no recall, local transmission shops well aware of defect. Reman $950.00 installed. I have wrote GM, and forwarded correspondence to TSA. I would advise all to do the same. To simply replace with same defect doesn't make sense. Will try the JB Weld for the short term.

10th Mar 2010, 14:29

Never driven this model truck or even a GM truck. This transfer case fault is a case of manufacturing defect from a vendor that supplies parts to GM. Ford has its gremlins and Dodges have some rear diffs that are failing. Best bet to resolve this fault is to get an aftermarket case due to the fact that GM isn't very credible at the moment.

23rd Apr 2010, 12:59

I have joined the club of 'leakers'. 2003 Chevy Silverado, 4.8L., Auto, 23,600 miles (yep, it's true). Dealer service rep told me I don't drive the truck enough?!?

Bottom of case corroded through, dropping all the fluid in the driveway. Glad I wasn't on the road.

After 33 years of new Chevy trucks, I am done.

Central New Yorker.

30th Apr 2010, 21:52

I own # 3 GMC trucks in my company, all 3 transfer cases have JD Weld on them, every 5000 miles it needs to be replaced, and new JD Weld on... July 12th I will be buying # 5 new FORD 250

Thanks, John Langley, BC 604 532 0522

1st Jun 2010, 12:13

Add another member to the leaky transfer case club. I just gave my 2000 Silverado a close examination over the weekend, and found that it is leaking at the TC cover bolt locations. The coating used on those bolts has failed, and as a result there has been a galvanic reaction created between the otherwise carbon steel bolts and the magnesium case cover. This has caused the magnesium to rot away, thereby causing the leak. This is another example of either poor engineering or allowing the purchasing group to hold the upper hand in determining engineering direction. Had General Motors selected passivated stainless steel bolts instead of saving some pennies by using the junk they chose, I (and many others I suspect) wouldn't be member of this club.

15th Jun 2010, 14:59

2004 Chevrolet, Silverado 2500HD, 104,000 miles. Leaked all over my boat during a recent trip. Mechanic says the previous mechanic probably over filled the tranny. Three weeks later, same issue. Dealer now says pin hole in the transfer case... Chev needs to step up or hello Ford...

24th Jun 2010, 22:09

2002 Chevy - I raise my voice to this public! Why do we put up with this? We pay and then thank them as we leave - just happy to be able to get it back three days later... Recall this T case and be forthright... or keep losing life long GM drivers like me... I am disappointed in GM. Wait until we get these rascals where they need us... oh... wait... they already do. Buy something else.

15th Jul 2010, 22:03

The comments of leaky oil all seem to be from later models than I have. My GM pickup, year 1995 with four wheel drive and off road package, started dripping oil recently at about 145000 miles. I am wondering if this model and year pickup experienced the same leaking oil from mfg problems that the Silverado has had?

26th Jul 2010, 22:04

My turn to chime in. 2003 5.3 Suburban with 87,000 miles with a hole ground in the rear half of the transfer case. A local mechanic with Chevy dealer experience said he first hit the problem 8 years ago! He found the service bulletin and is looking to put in an aftermarket clip that fixes the problem.

He's forecasting $800.00 to $1000.00 depending on availability. It's crazy that a used or rebuilt isn't even a viable option, due to the inevitability of the problem hitting again. It's even crazier that it doesn't matter how you drive or what you do with the vehicle. You don't have to pull trailers or drive hard miles to have the system "implode" on you.

Sadly I was not aware of this issue when I purchased the vehicle used 6 months ago - no dealer warranty due to mileage over 80,000, and the vehicle was so solid and leak-free, I opted out of the used vehicle warranty.

Live and learn.