30th Apr 2011, 19:17

I read your comment Mr Hay, I sympathize with your many months of trying to get this problem fixed. My truck is a Chevy 02 2500; transfer case shot. 2000 at the dealership to fix at 117,000 miles. GM said they would not help me fix this because the truck was too old. I did lots of research, and the trucks from 02 to 08 seems to have the problems. Your description matches my diagnosis on mine. They are not gonna help me. Shame, it's a nice truck. I've had the truck less than a year when it went down, bought as is in Ft Benning Georgia. Started back when the comments were at number 32, now up to 48.

I wish you luck. Sue Housouer of Peru.

14th Aug 2011, 15:57

I was just told last week by my mechanic, whom I trust, I have the same problem. The only difference, as I read all these comments, is that I have 195,000 miles on my 2003, Z71. I would appreciate input on the best way to repair. I am leaning toward an MA kit and a rebuilt rear transfer case. Can I trust a JB weld repair, if I install the MA kit?

19th Sep 2011, 09:25

2003 Z-71 1500 ext cab with 82k miles - joining the hole in the transfer case club. I put on a JB Weld patch last night, and will probably go the MA upgrade route with a new rear housing.

Pretty pathetic GM!

20th Sep 2011, 21:57

I have a 2002 HD 4x4, and I also have the pinhole leak problem... Let me know if you get something going! I'm in!!!

21st Sep 2011, 14:41

Buy the 2wd and have zero issues! I rarely ever need 4wd, and I use my SUV twice a year with it tops.

26th Sep 2011, 12:05

Some of us actually use their trucks off road, and there are places along the east coast that require four wheel drive as a prerequisite for access.

8th Oct 2011, 20:29

Yet another Pinhole Member, my 02 Suburban started leaking at 120K, fixed it the J B Weld way, it lasted a year, but now have another hole. Must be something internal causing it. Probably normal wear, and GM warranties can't last forever. Most non GM vehicles don't last 100K miles. So we should be grateful GM builds their trucks to outlast all their competitors.

16th Nov 2011, 05:53

I don't know why everyone is blaming GM. The transfer case is not made, nor is it designed by GM. It is a New Venture transfer case, not GM.

26th Nov 2011, 23:52

If someone else made the part for GM, it is both their faults. GM did buy the parts from this company.

14th Dec 2011, 11:17

Did you ever hear back from GM about the issue?

14th Dec 2011, 12:41

You can say that about many parts in many different lines. Toyota's larger recalls have been due to third party US supplied parts too. It is still the manufacturers fault though, as they approved the use of the parts.

1st Feb 2012, 14:40

I am now added to the list of people owning a 2003 Silverado with a bad transfer case. $1300 - mechanic was a friend and didn't charge me the $500 for labor.. Husband drove the truck for 2 days before taking it in - mechanic said we were darn lucky it didn't wreck the tranny...

I have had it with this truck. It is now going up for sale. I have fixed just about everything on this thing. Give me a FORD any day...

29th May 2012, 19:32

I also have the pin hole problem. 1200 bucks for the repair of my Silverado 1500 with only 106k miles. The shop knew what it was before I even came in. They told me they have fixed dozens of the exact same problem. Since GM won't stand by their product, I will never buy another one of their vehicles.

13th Jun 2012, 13:58

2002 2500HD Silverado - This is my second time to have the transfer case rebuilt. First time cost me $3,500.00. This time it was $2,400.00 with a transmission flush, and this time I got the oil pump retaining clip upgrade - we'll see how long this lasts.

Does any know of a class action lawsuit that has been filed against GM on this issue - I would like to get on it.

Feel free to write to me klpcolorado@gmail.com

26th Nov 2012, 18:49

I have used Quick Steel or PIG Putty on mine, and it has worked great.

12th Jan 2013, 08:30

Read the recent article in the November Diesel Power Magazine, highlighting the pump rub issue, only to find out on our 03 Sierra with 74000 miles, that it was too late to save it.

$2400.00 dollars later, and I'm extremely disappointed in the response from the dealer (service manager openly admitted to this defect, but now seems to be unable to answer his phone or return emails). I am left feeling that the owners of these trucks need to pull together and file a class action lawsuit against GM.

Currently inspecting our 2005 Suburban for the same issue, as it uses the same pump assembly. I never thought I would switch manufacturers, but this issue has convinced me that they are not a brand that can not be trusted with our confidence.


20th Jan 2013, 06:38

It does not matter who or where the transfer case was made. When GM puts a part on one of their vehicles - THEY TAKE OWNERSHIP OF SAID PART, AND ASSUME 100% OF THE RESPONSIBILITY!

8th Mar 2013, 20:31

Wow! How did I know there was a club for Chevy oil leakers? Ours is a 2003 Silverado. The estimate now is at $2,600.00 for repairs, and we already had spent $1,600 in the past. The truck only has 37,000 miles! Never will buy a Chevy again, and we're ready to advertise our problems very publicly! Chevy is putting us in the poor house! Glad my tax dollars bailed Chevy out! Now how about Chevy bailing us out???

We would sell the junker, but can't afford payments on another vehicle for 5 years. All the Fords we owned in our lives combined have never cost us what one Chevy has!

10th Mar 2013, 07:35

No problem with 2WD 1/2 Ton or 3/4 Ton. We have 160k on one with no issues.

8th Jan 2014, 11:38

I have 03 Silverado. It's on the rack for the second time for a J-B Weld job in a different pin hole. If GM won't fix it, they should lower the price on the Auto-trac II; $10 to $12 a quart is a bit steep.

5th May 2014, 23:35

Just joined the" Leaky Transfer Case Club". I have a 2004 2500HD. I started hearing a rolling squeak, which then turned into a constant squeaking only when I drove forward. So I jacked it up to engage it in drive to listen to where it came from, and found it to be the transfer case. Found some oil all under the body, so I googled it and found this site, had no idea there was such a big problem nation wide. We'll be doing a "Pump Rub Transfer Case Upgrade" this weekend $$$$$.

P.S. will trade it in on a Toyota Tacoma.

29th Jul 2014, 22:52

I did the JB Weld fix for now and my tranny guy says it should be good for a while, instead of the fix, which is $1,800.00

5th Sep 2014, 01:17

I too know am a member of the club. I own a 04 Silverado that is giving me nothing but transfer case problems. First a grenaded transfer case when the transfer case controller decided to switch to 4 low on the freeway. A grand later and a new transfer case controller bought at my expense, and now a pin hole. I know things don't last forever, but things like this should never wear out from the inside out. GM, stand by your product or unfortunately I'll have to buy an import next time around.

8th Oct 2014, 02:18

We just left our 2003 Silverado at the shop to get a rebuilt transfer case installed. Hole in transfer case, no fluid, scrap iron. $1,300 - $1,500 for the fix and no truck for a week. Come on GM, back your product and issue a recall. Lots of problems with this truck across the board. Thinking Nissan or Toyota.

8th Oct 2014, 15:15

Have the 2500HD; no issues at 184k. But it's 2WD. Great truck!

6th Nov 2014, 03:20

Same leaking transfer case, 2003 GMC, corrosion around bolt head. Wish I had known about this problem before I bought the truck.

6th Dec 2014, 19:05

I have not had to many problems with my 03 Suburban... Until now.

I have replaced in the last 2 weeks both hub assemblies and now the transfer case. Not happy!!! I watched a video on YouTube about the transfer case, and there is a defect inside the transfer case that causes the leak. It was said that there is a part now that you can buy to replace it that will not cause this leak. It's a fine time to tell me now!!! After I'm putting more money into my truck.

7th Dec 2014, 18:15

Why were you driving in 4 wheel drive in the first place?

8th Dec 2014, 15:36

I bought a 4WD drive SUV for 4WD needs and have the HD2500 in 2WD. 183000 miles of trouble free ownership. In actuality, the 2WD has been off road with no real issues. Put a load on the back and it's even better.

13th Mar 2015, 01:59

Add my 2003 Z71 to the list. Noticed oil leaks on the carport, which turned out to be coming from my transfer case. The mechanic I took my truck to knew exactly where to look and showed me the pinhole that had worn through the housing. He found it so fast because he has repaired so many others.