22nd Oct 2009, 11:35

The transmission went out in Edmund's long term Silverado with the Vortec Max package. The 4L60E and 4L70E is the same garbage 700r4 dating back to 1982. My 2002 Ram's tranny works just fine after 7 years.

Also of note; Edmund's truck depreciated 46% in a year. Can you say GM products retain their value more than a rock?

8th Jun 2010, 16:38

You said that you didn't "beat" the truck, but don't like that it won't "cruise" at over 100mph. I know that pick-ups aren't meant for cruising above 100mph. Slow down.

21st Jan 2011, 22:48

I'm going out on a limb to say, trucks aren't really designed to go 100+mph. And, if I may add, of course a passenger car feels more comfortable and stable at 100+mph, its center of gravity is far lower. I don't really think you can fault a big boxed front end truck from topping out and feeling unstable at high speed...

26th Apr 2011, 22:47

I have the same truck and there is sometimes that horrid "clunk", I am going to take it back to my dealer soon and I hope they don't tell me that's "normal."

My driver speakers also went out and there is a terrible rattle underneath the truck.

I LOVE my truck don't get me wrong, but I might be getting myself an F-150 or Ram if this keeps up the next 5 years...

5th Aug 2012, 00:25

So... police car chassis is more stable over 100mph than a work truck.

6th Aug 2012, 00:00

We have owned many GM products, and specifically some of their trucks. Including this model. GM is well known for having some of the best transmissions in the industry... either you got a lemon or you have abused it. I've NEVER heard of someone having tranny problems in any GM, especially the trucks. And I know a lot of people that do serious hauling.

From the problems you described, you're hard on a vehicle. Actually this whole review sounds faked, IMO.

8th Jan 2014, 20:33

I happened to look back on my review, and yes in hindsight I was hard on that truck, but I was 20 years old when I had it, so it is what it is. Young(er) and dumb(er). Rest assured though, the mechanical issues were real and the dealer responses were real. The truck did feel uneasy at 100mph vs my 2000 F250 Crew Cab with the 7.3. The Super Duty was rock solid at 95. I don't go that fast anymore and I didn't very often back then, but when you have 18 hours to pack up, travel 700 miles to the next job, and get some sleep, you do some dumb things.

As for GM trannys, the Turbo 400 and Turbo 350s were great. But that all changed when they went overdrive. The 200r4 stock is junk; same with the 4l60 and 4l60e, depending on the year (in my opinion), but all overdrive slushboxes suck, even Ford's AOD or whatever they're called now. Now the Turbo 400, that's a transmission!