25th Jul 2001, 14:56

I dumped my 1997 Chevy C1500 three months ago after I got tired of it breaking down more often than my 1984 Honda.

I had to have my transmission replaced at 40,000. (The U-joints and rear end were replaced at 48,000). My truck also ate three A/C compressors, and when I unloaded it at 64,000 miles, the intake manifold gasket was leaking engine coolant.

I never used my truck for towing or any heavy duty work, so I can't explain the premature wear except for questioning the quality of GM trucks.

21st Sep 2001, 13:06

I have a 1997 Suburban which has the following problems:

Transmission shifts fine for short trips, however after long highway drives, if I come to a stop it shifts hard from 1st to 2nd and to 3rd.

It also has a coolant leak from the intake manifold :- (

7th Jan 2002, 15:30

I bought my 97 CK1500 brand spankin new from the dealer. Around 60,000 miles it began to shift hard from 1st to 2nd. If I stop and let the truck sit for about 15 minutes or so it will act normal again. But again after driving it for a while it starts the process of shifting hard between 1st and 2nd. I have no idea what I should do. It has pulled to the right ever since I took delivery of the truck. I thought it was the alignment but that wasn't it at all. It seems that the right front brake has something to do with it. Think I'll look into a FORD.

13th Jan 2002, 06:47

I have a 1997 Z71 that has had 2 transmissions. Smicklas in OKC has added an after market repair kit that corrects the sensor that regulates the gear shifts. I had to contact Chevrolet and the dealer to get it fixed without costs to me.

The intake manifold is currently being replaced due to the pink antifreeze destroys the gaskets. Repair shop states Chevy not doing anything about that either. Have 100,000 miles on my truck.

Bobby in OKC.

11th Feb 2002, 16:05

I have a '96 CK1500, with the 5 Liter Vortec engine. At 60,000 miles the intake manifold gasket has started to leak coolant. I know that this is a very common problem on this engine series due to very poor design. There simply are not enough bolts, and the eight that there are, are not of sufficient size, to torque properly, the manifold to the block.

In summary it is cheap crap, and GM, if it had any honor, would design a fix and give it to all of us for free.

23rd May 2002, 00:03

Looks like I have the same problem as many here. My '96 Silverado, CK1500, 5 liter Vortec engine must have a intake manifold leak. I am losing about 2 quarts of coolant about every 50 miles. For a while it left a small puddle on the garage floor, now that stopped and it appears it's getting into the oil. At 75,000 miles. Why buy American??

12th Jul 2002, 19:22

I have a 1998 Chevy Z71. I purchased it with 55,000kms on it. I currently have 71,000kms on it and am happy to report no major problems. The "quick disconnect" on my heater hose was seeping a bit of antifreeze at the manifold, but the dealer fixed it with no questions asked. Interior has a couple squeaks that bug me, but I'm going to fix that. Check engine light came on a couple of times when it was really cold, but went out the next day. 5.7L is a powerhouse. Smokes my friends 2001 Chevy with a 5.3L in a race. Beats the crap out of my 90 Ford F-150. I say, go Chevy all the way!

14th Aug 2002, 14:54

I purchased a 1997 Chevy Silverado in 02/00. Six months later I too was having problems with the transmission. When driving in a lot of stop and go traffic, or a few stops with the air conditioner on... it would jerk really hard from 1st to 2nd. I brought it in to be serviced and was told there was a factory recall on a part in the transmission. The transmission shop simply drilled a small hole somewhere in my transmission and so far I have not had a problem with it since then. Unfortunately, my warranty did not cover this part and of course the timeline for the recall had since past...

7th Oct 2002, 23:10

I bought my Chevy Cheyenne brand new back in Oct. 98. I now have over 60,000 miles on it so far I just love it. It has been pretty much trouble free except for a water pump that went out at 51,000 miles, low beam head light at 27,000 and the rear wheel brake cylinder kits at 40,000 miles. That's all the minor trouble so far. The 4L60E automatic transmission and the Vortec 305 engine have been flawless. This truck has no rattles and squeaks. I am sorry everybody else is having trouble with their Chevy trucks, but mines is still trouble free, I guess so far I have been blessed.

23rd Oct 2002, 01:59

I have a '99 Yukon Denali with the VORTEC engine and 70k miles. I too have a major coolant leak. There appears to be dried up coolant on the "quick disconnect" heater hose outlet, but it seems like too much coolant is leaking for just that. How can I tell if it is coming from the intake manifold? If anyone can help please email: bell1@sandiego.edu THANKS.

12th Nov 2002, 15:11

Looks like the problems that I am having a very common. Transmission replacement, leaking intake manifold gasket, three alternators, water pump, and the rear end has been rebuilt three times under warranty. I also have poor air conditioner performance since it was new. Does anyone make a good product any more?

19th Nov 2002, 17:54

I to have a 1998 GMC Z71 with a 5.7 vortex. I have had to replace the water pump, the brake master cylinder twice, the brake booster, both rear wheel cylinders, the pinion bearing in the rear end, the potted aluminum heater hose inlet and now the rear end is starting to "whine" again and I have the coolant leak at the intake manifold. I am about to put the truck up for sale and purchase something else that isn't built by General Motors, I only wish Honda sold a full size truck in the US, guess I will have to settle for a Toyota. Also anyone have a cost on the intake fix, I don't want to pass that trouble on to someone else.

30th Nov 2002, 18:56

I have a 1997 Silverado C1500 with a 5.7 Liter V-8. I have 125k miles with great performance and reliability. This vehicle has the towing package with an automatic transmission. The towing package includes a transmission oil cooler. I have had no transmission trouble, and a transmission mechanic attributes this to the cooler. I do have a "mystery" coolant leak. I have searched all over (and under) the engine without finding the source. I noticed some of the other owners experienced an intake manifold leak. How can this be verified?

1st Dec 2002, 05:00

Got a 98 C1500. 80K miles. Started leaking coolant from the intake manifold gasket. Luckily, I have the aptitude to replace the gasket and not get hosed for $500 like I've been hearing. I've heard from everyone the Dexcool coolant is not compatible with the gasket materials. I had to replace the power brake booster and a/c compressor at 50k. The problem with the compressor from 94 on is no dow pins on the mounting brackets causing undue pressure on the shaft seals. I replace two of my neighbor's compressors on GM trucks for the exact same problem. The truck looks and runs good, however the quality should be much better.