10th May 2010, 21:33

This 93 Ext Cab 5.7 V8 Silverado is the best vehicle I have owned, period. Have had the seat problems and the wiper problems, but other than that and all of the normal maintenance, I cannot complain at all.

I am currently replacing the front clip as I have ran into a family of deer and it did a number to the front end. This is the second time that this has happened; the hazards of living out in the country.

I bought this old truck in 2003 and it had 86,000 on it. Now here we are in 2010 and it has 276,000. Like I said, no complaints, I love to work on something that I know will run forever.

Kelly, Topeka, Kansas.

13th Jun 2010, 19:03

I bought a 1993 Silverado 350 V8 C1500 Ext Cab in 1994. The mileage turned 200,000 in early 2010. Repairs have been wiper blades, brake pads, alternator, spark plugs, radiator top tank and hoses. Still have the original windshield, shocks, and trans fluid (have HD trailer package but never towed).

I'm now 68 and plan to drive this truck as long as I'm able to be a capable driver.

1st Jul 2010, 19:35

I love my Silverado. It's a 93 extended cab, 350 5.7L. It has 338,435 miles, my dad bought it when it had 90k.

A couple months ago I got the windshield wipers only functioning when it's dry out problem, unless I pull over and jiggle the wiper.

Transmission went out around 280k; we use it for work and hauling a bob cat.

My dad gave it to me when it had 290k. I drive the crap out of that truck. Everything is stock, I speed up and down hills and other rough terrain.

At 300k, I had to replace clutch fan, at 320k calipers. It's been a good truck. Hasn't let me down. Even after hauling other Fords and crappy lil cars. I'm surprised I haven't killed it... like my Ford... lasted me 3 months haha.

28th Jul 2010, 10:33

What causes the truck to die out if you have replaced everything on it?

29th Jul 2010, 06:27

That's life man, replace everything and it still dies, could be a simple thing like a loose wire. Check the ground cable both ends. For sure you have fixed (as I have in the past) everything, except what's causing it to die. You are not alone, check for loose wires around motor. Good luck. James.

28th Aug 2010, 20:09

Love my 93 350 5.7 ex cab 4x4. Still original engine and tranny at 260k miles. Had to replace the intake gaskets at 180k, and now looks like will need to do again at 260k. This time coolant is coming out the tail pipe, but I have no loss in compression. I have also replaced starter twice, radiator once, each door has had pins replaced. Only mods are K&N filter and throttle body spacer (wish I had added the spacer long ago... what a difference on hills)

30th Dec 2010, 20:10

I have a 1993 extended cab Silverado, 88.000 miles, one owner. I know the owner - he worked for the dealership - bought the truck new - it is a fine truck - I have mud tires on back... the only thing is the wipers - they don't want to work in the rain... what is with these wipers???


5th Apr 2011, 19:51

I'm having the same problem, replaced the computer, IAC sensor, engine coolant sensor, O2 sensor, plugs & wires, distributor cap, rotor button. No vac leaks. Replaced fuel filter. Runs best when the motor is warm, but still stalls when cold. What else is there to check?

7th Apr 2011, 10:18

The cruise control in my 1993 1500 Chevy won't come on. Is there a fuse I'm not finding? How do you check the control module?

Any ideas?


John from N.C.

13th May 2011, 16:14

I have a 93 Silverado 350 ext cab. with 149K miles, and never had problem in rain or snow... I have had a lowering kit since day one, and also 275 60 15 tires... holds the road in a straight line over 100 mph.. many times over..

Has had one front-end alignment, one brake job.. new compressor, front wheel bearings, battery, alt.. belts... still runs great... taking it on a 3000K trip end of May... new tires of course.. Most likely will see 100mph a few times on the way to Wa. Best vehicle ever owned right from the showroom floor...


29th Jun 2011, 19:32

OMG. It's so wonderful to see that people on this thread appreciate Chevy in its best.

I currently own a 93 Chevy ext. cab long bed. I haven't had any real problems in six years of ownership. I've put a water pump and a power steering pump and after 4.5 years I finally put a new clutch on it. Other than that, wear and tear items.

I literally loooove my truck. I'm going to drive this thing till the wheels fall off! I have had many people try to make offers, but now he's part of the family.

Chevys rock!

16th Jul 2011, 00:14

I own a 93 Chevy 1500 ext. cab... I love this truck.

The motor and tranny are still going strong at 208,000 miles. The 350 motor is powerful... towed a lot with it, and still the tranny isn't showing signs of wear or tear.

I've only had a few problems. The rear end blew out once just driving up my driveway (I got REAL lucky), the wiring in the distributor cab went bad, but that was easy to replace, and had to replace the sway bar (I blame myself for this, shouldn't have gone around corners going 50 mph), and my A/C compressor has been replaced twice, but now it has a leak and it's brand new, and no one will work on it (anyone have any suggestions what it could be).. and that's it.. had to replace the fluids, filters etc, the basic things.

But the front passenger seat bolts keep breaking; would anyone know why?? It's really ticking me off. This truck is not to go in the snow though. Got stuck several times last time, but planning on spending some money for a full positive axle (ya!).

I love this truck to death, and when the time comes to replace the motor, either it will be rebuilt or replaced with a 396, or a Chevy 502 motor. I just wanna keep this truck forever. Good job GM, I give you a lot of props.

24th Jul 2011, 18:11

I currently own a 93 Silverado Ext. Cab 4x4 with a 6.2 ltr diesel engine. The truck is great in many ways, but recently I lost the 4x4 option when the differential died on me. Does anyone know how to determine what the gear ratio is without having to remove the unit itself? I am in the market for a new (refurbished) unit and I do not want to purchase the wrong one. If anyone can help me out, that would be a blessing! Thanks in advance fellow truckers!

25th Sep 2011, 10:13

I love love my 93 Chevy Silverado. I got my girl in 94 with 24,000 km on it. Still have it. It has 286,000 km now. I keep my engine super clean. Run high test gas, use synthetic oil, and I have been the only driver on it.

But the sad thing is I must sell my girl; my job has changed and I'm moving. Wow, it's gonna be tough letting her go. She has never left me on the side of road, and always ran good.. Sounds awesome too!! Yep, a good old girl... Just like the owner, a good old girl LOL. Take care.. Have a great day.. CHEVYS ROCK!!!