28th Dec 2007, 23:53

I am the writer of the original post. This is an update.

The manufacturer's warranty has expired. I bought the extended warranty from GMC.

After a period of freezing rain that covered the truck with ice, I scraped the windows and off I went. Due to the semi-regular defect where the switch that directs air flow within the cab fails to function, I had ensured I left it in the defrost position.

After driving a few miles I noticed water dripping onto the passenger-side floor mat, coming from under the dash. I estimate a pint in around 20 minutes.

Soon after, the heater blower motor stopped working.

I made an appointment with one of the three local Chevy dealers.

Note that the ice from the freezing rain had covered the plastic "cowl" section between the bottom of the windshield and the rear of the hood.

Also, I had never had leakage during rain. This was the first time I have had water leakage into the cabin.

Well... I heard that SAME TIRED REFRAIN... "We can't replicate the problem. It cost me $53 to hear that.

How about the truth. We agree you had a problem, but we are too lazy or whatever to dig in and actually fix the problem... live with it you sucker.

Well, luckily, after an hour or so after the blower motor stopped working it had begun working again... before I got to the worthless dealer. And, while waiting the two days to get to the dealer the ice lodged in the "cowl" area had melted.

There IS a place where water is entering the cab, but Chevy/GMC's worthless warranty apparently prohibits investing the time needed to make a repair.

Let this be a warning to others.

Over and over and over and over... "We can't replicate the problem."

What are the odds that three separate dealers would use the SAME response? Use the word "replicate" vice "duplicate" or another word.

I cannot prove it, but I have a hunch that there IS a possibility that corporate GMC has informed service writers to do whatever possible to minimize costs. No proof, but it is the only logical explanation I can think of.

On other message boards I have read where Chevy Silverado owners in other parts of the USA have not had the experiences I have confronted. And, I have talked to others locally (Omaha Nebraska) who have also heard that tired refrain..."can't replicate."

Is this a local problem? I cannot afford to drive out of state just to get my truck repaired!!!

So, Chevy/GMC expects me to live with the several defects thet they refuse to repair, under the regular warranty or the extended warranty where I pay a $200 deductible.

I am angry about this foul treatment and I believe it is my duty to fellow Americans to warn them what MAY happen to them.

I will NEVER buy another Chevy/GMC product... new or used.

Defect after defect yet they have to be tolerated, according to Chevy/GMC.

As soon as the worst of the financial beating from selling a new (2004) vehicle too soon... that dreaded depreciation that hits hardest for the first 5 years (I am NOT a rich man, this first-for-me new vehicle in 33 years of vehicle ownership was a major financial impact), in a couple more years I will get rid of the truck and having to contend with Chevy/GMC's horrible service (or lack thereof).

Never again, Chevy. You did me wrong, GMC.

And I will continue to warn others of what you did to me for as long as the sun shines above, the grass grows, and the rivers flow to the sea.

28th Dec 2009, 20:14

I agree with above writer. I have a 2004 Silverado, and it has been in and out of the shop more than my 25 year old Accord. The truck is babied with 48000kms in 6 years.

I will list the repairs: ball joints, axle seals, radio light clusters, dash lights burnt, exterior light bulbs burnt, main rear seal leaking (engine), ABS light intermittent, check engine light (had to change major electrical components to fix), air bag sensor module changed, air flow dial intermittent, windshield washer hose attached to wiper falling off since new, water leaks in cabin when spring comes.

This truck is absolutely, positively the worst vehicle I have ever owned. All this was under warranty, which ran out 2 days ago. Today the truck wouldn't start, had to buy a new battery, but voltage gauge fluctuates, maybe the alternator is on its way out?

I would love to trade it in, but unfortunately would only get 18, and it's 47 for new, and would be Chevy again but under warranty. Seems that without warranty it's a big heap of tin thrown together.

My first and last Chevrolet. I sure hope they belly up because their product is TERRIBLE. Any offers out there?