22nd Sep 2009, 10:31

I am from the Philippines. My spark is now almost a year, but I too have no problems with my aircon. It provides cool even during high noon. No rattling sound on the dashboard as well. In fact, I feel that it runs and performs better now that the first time I bought and used it. Of course, I follow the preventive maintenance service. It's possible that the problems in the thread are factory-related issues.

31st Jan 2015, 06:54

An update. After nearly six years, my car still runs okay. I have used it in the city and highway driving. The main issues are:

1) Changed the clutch plate, clutch disc, clutch bearing, and brake pads (front and rear) in its third year.

2) Changed the battery twice.

3) Changed the four tires.

4) Had the tube of the air con welded due to a freon leak.

5) Regular oil maintenance (no longer in the casa or dealer, but in a gasoline service station).

6) Had the fuel filter changed once.

7) Wiper blade changed twice.

8) Clutch cable changed.

9) Have replaced the dome bulb light and rear signal light once.

10) Regular changing of the cabin air con filter and air filter.

I have not met any accident, so the unit still looks fresh. I regularly wash and wax it myself to maintain the paint. I feel it requires a wheel alignment, and perhaps a replacement of the shock absorber, especially at its rear, as it is no longer as suave as before.

Chevy Spark 2008 1.0 liter. I am the same commenter from the Philippines.

29th Apr 2015, 15:30

I am the same commenter. Just today, the car underwent wheel alignment and cambering, as it favored the right wheel. In the absence of a Chevy Spark in the computer, the technician used the program for the Daewoo Matiz, which I think is okay.

The next project is the timing belt, as the car has already run 64 thousand kilometers.

By the way, I noticed in my country there are not many Spark owners (up to 2008 models) advertising their cars for sale, compared to other brands. This may be an indication that they are satisfied with the car's performance, and are not ready to let it go yet.

The car is small, but because it has 4 cylinder and powerful 1.0 engine, it can run better and faster than those 3 cylinder and bigger sized cars.

My only regret in my country is that the new Chevy dealership seems to have forgotten or tacitly disowned the old Chevy Spark, or the Optra or the old Aveo, in favor of the new Spark, in some of its promotional write-up to promote the new Spark.