1990 Chevrolet Sprint from North America


A cool retro first vehicle


On the driver's side, the place where seatbelt buckles into stopped working a few months after I purchased the vehicle (the belt would no longer stay buckled). A new part was too expensive and hard to find, so to solve this problem I would buckle the driver's seatbelt into the passenger's buckle. It worked alright, never got into any accidents with the car though fortunately. It sucked that I couldn't bring a passenger up front without them or myself riding without a seat belt though.

General Comments:

Good first car. Not the safest vehicle, would not want to drive it on any highways or roads where the speed limit is over 80 km/h. I did so a few times and nothing bad happened, it was just a bit unnerving. No airbags in this car.

Very, very small, but also very good on gas. If gas was 90 cents/L it would cost about $22 to fill up the tank, and the tank would last me around week and a half to two weeks. I usually just drove it to and from work 5 days a week, which was about a 20 minute drive each way. Longest trip I made with it was about 45 minutes each way.

Speakers worked fine, although there is no bass whatsoever.

Breaks were fine, although I had to step down firmly, they are not very sensitive.

NO POWER STEERING. This wasn't a huge problem for me once I got used to it, it just makes it harder to turn the wheel, which gave me strong arm muscles in the end.

Winter driving was okay, just take things SLOW. Don't try to accelerate too quick. I never got into any accidents and I drove this car all throughout the cold Canadian winter. I witnessed BMWs and Lexuses collide in the winter, yet my little old Sprint and I never had any issues.

I bought this car from a distant relative of mine, and she only used it once or twice a week to drive to the grocery store. When I got the car, there was only around 60,000 km on it, which is crazy for a car that is 25 years old. I was very lucky that this Sprint was in such good condition.

Overall, I ended up liking this car. It has a very retro feel to it. The interior made me feel like I was back in the 90s! Even the smell (which, believe it or not, was a good thing). It's a very basic car. Manual roll down windows, no power steering, no automatic locking doors, no autostarting engine. No bells and whistles, just what you need to get you from A to B. I ended up moving across the country and couldn't bring the Sprint with me, and I really do miss it.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2016

1990 Chevrolet Sprint Lsi 4 door 1.0 petrol from North America


Tiny Fun Box


I just purchased the car and have only had it for one week.

The person I bought it from had put:

A new gas tank.

New control arms.

New from brakes (pads and rotors)

Now whats broken:

The brakes that are brand new need to be replaced, the pedal vibrates, and the brakes squeal.

The rear suspension is broken, that was entirely mine and my friends fault not a defect of the car. I didn't bother slowing down for speed bumps and my friends were making my car look like it had hydraulics as we went down the street.

That action also cause my exhaust pipe to break. So now my cars sounds like one of those stupid "rice boxes", but it also fills to cabin with exhaust, so that must be fixed. Moral of the story my friends are dumb, I am dumb for letting them do dumb things in my car.

General Comments:

The car is very durable, I have put it through a lot of abuse so far, and I have only had it for a week. but in that week I have learned to drive stick shift.

The seat are comfortable enough for me, they do not slide far enough back for me, so driving for long periods of time causes my knees to become very sore.

I have driven with six people in this car, 2 in the front, 3 in the back, and 1 in the hatch. it was fun well kind of, it was more of a tight squeeze than anything.

I have driven in pouring rain with pink eye and fogged up windows because one of my dumb friends knocked the heater out of place, while being half asleep, at 2 am, trying to stay on the road and that little car got me home safe and kept me to the road at all time, never did I feel like I was out of control.

I have done wet road spin outs (on purpose) with the emergency brake, the car has a lot of body lean, but the car was not meant for high speed maneuvers like that.

Over all the car is a lot of fun, I want to buy many more of them. My friends hated the little box at first, but after they took a road trip in it, they were greatly impressed by it's capabilities, they are all looking to buy one now. I suggest you get one before everyone buys the last of them up.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2004