15th Apr 2005, 22:21

I loved both my 1985 and my 1987 Sprints. The first was bought new, the second one bought second hand in 1990. I am still driving it as far as Mesa Arizona from Washington. It is true that the mufflers don't last. Midas doesn't like me. But it gets great mileage, handles great and gets me where I want to go. It sounds like this first person is running it hard and putting it away wet. It is not a sports car, and I don't race uphill. But I keep up on the freeway.

24th May 2005, 18:28

Strong agree on the last two sentences.

Anything larger than a bicycle could kill you in a collision. This car gives you that "edge of death" feeling, all the time.

You think racing car is exciting?

Try to drive this car passing beside trucks, the 40 ft ones, on high way.

Trust me, you'll revalue your live every time when you do that with your car.

21st Feb 2007, 22:52

I have 476,000+ miles on my 88 and I'm looking forward to turning over 500,000 on tour with the dead this spring.

I bought it for 50$ from a guy that got soaked for 800$ when it just needed the catcon cleaned out. It had 303,000 miles. in 1999 and the only thing I've had to fix was stretching the alternator brush springs @ 425,00. I have to kick the heater box to get the heater fan to run on high.

It's the best car I've ever had.

O yeah, 53 MPG Combined!

16th Oct 2007, 12:21

Blew 3 mufflers within a very short time. The 2nd one lasted what, 2 days??? Get a real car if you want to race, not a sprint. The car got it's name because if you "sprint" down the street, you could match the top speed of the car.