1986 Chevrolet Suburban C10 Silverado 5.7L gasoline V8 from North America


Will tow your house up a hill no problem


All new tires.

Starter died at around 150k.

Alternator was supercharged. There was a fuel leak on the fuel line going into the carburetor, and gasoline was spraying onto the alternator, which shorted out the voltage regulator. It was putting out double the power it should have. Replaced shortly after starter.

Water pump died around 156k.

Heater core is leaking.

Front headliner is sagging.

Catalytic converter is toast.

General Comments:

All the stuff that went wrong is what you'd expect from a 21 year old truck.

It's got absolutely massive amounts of cargo space, and can tow many things. U-Haul wouldn't rent me a dolly to tow an '87 Chrysler Fifth Avenue 'cause they said the 'burb couldn't handle the 5th, but it sure did with no problem.

Being a big V8 powered truck with a carburetor, it gets poor fuel economy, averaging around 11-12 mpg.

Seats six people comfortably, but doesn't have a third row seat.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2007

30th Jul 2007, 13:34

OK, I have a 1986 Suburban, and am desperately trying to find out what the towing capacity is, do you have any idea?

14th Jul 2008, 16:10

My dad has one. This truck will eat anything that crosses it's path. The only problems he has ever had was the starter went out, the driveshaft began to vibrate (very easy to repair), and the engine now sometimes diesels (continues to run or sputters a little when shut off) when hot.

15th Jun 2015, 15:59

If you gear down the Suburban, it will tow lots of weight. I have a 488 gear ratio in mine and it tows a 10,000 lb. boat with ease.