5th Oct 2006, 13:37

I have owned a 1995 Suburban 1500 LT since it was new. It is by far the most dependable and flexible vehicle I have ever owned. It has served my family well at the time we needed the utility, space and dependability. I simply could not be more pleased with the truck. With almost 190K miles on the original engine and trans, it has had operational troubles that included oil cooler leaks, head gasket replacement, ball joints, and ujoints. It has also required diligent regular maintenance. But, when you provide the regular maintenance and drive it like an adult, the 'Burban just continues to roll. With this many miles on it, I have resigned myself to simply expect to spend $500 to $1000 annually on repairs. I have found that when I do that, it continues to provide excellent service.

6th May 2011, 14:02

I agree with the first poster, there is not a whole lot "sporty" about the Suburban. Utilitarian, check. A vehicle, check, but no sport.

How many full size modern Suburbans does anyone see wheeling? Granted, they are nice, and if I had 8 kids, I would own one in a heartbeat, but in my mind, it still cannot be any more than a lifted 4 wheel drive wagon. Or an undersized school bus.

And $500 to $1000 in maintenance a year? Really? My 96 Jeep Grand has like $200, feels more confident off paved roads, tows my 3000 lb boat, gets 22 on the highway, and did I mention it's a Chrysler?...

I love certain GM vehicles, but modern Suburbans are not one of them.

14th Nov 2012, 15:28

I worked at a shop in Denver CO. During that time I had the pleasure of working on a 'burban that had 1,000,000 miles and still running strong. YES, 1,000,000. I have been a die-hard Chevy fan since childhood, but that one Suburban is what made my decision clear, and why I am getting one in two days. I have never seen anything even remotely close to that many miles and still as reliable, except for my old Honda that had 400,000 when it finally gave up, but you can't haul lumber and tools in a CRX.

If you want sporty, well I don't even think Jeep is the way to go; my Geo Tracker has pulled more Jeeps out of ruts and mud than I can count, and go figure, I am upgrading the Tracker to a 4.3 Vortec.

Every vehicle can be a money pit, but if you beat the life out of it, expect it to beat up your wallet.