2001 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 5.3 LM7 from North America


Good times!


When purchased (mostly due to neglect): power steering pump, all brake pads and rotors, and park brake shoes, two brake calipers due to broken breeders, radiator, ball joints, rear control arm (bent), windshield, tires.

Since purchase: front wheel bearings (tip, don't buy cheap ones, I replaced one twice) intake manifold gaskets (tip, buy a more expensive, thicker Fel-Pro one, it will compensate for a warped manifold), starter motor, transfer case encoder motor, power window motor. Has had an oil leak I can't find since I've owned it. Block heater only lasted 4 months after I installed it. Starts good without the heater down to -34C ambient temp, used 0w30 syn oil in winter.

General Comments:

My first 4x4 vehicle. Allows me to explore where I could not before. I bought it as an abandoned impounded vehicle. Paid $1000 and put another 3-4k into it to make it roadworthy. It has been fairly reliable. Little odds and ends need to be fixed along the way, but it's cheaper than a car payment. Gas mileage sucks, but it has lots of power and will go anywhere an unmodified 4x4 pickup will go, and the short wheelbase is better for turning around on little overgrown, abandoned logging roads/trails.

Just drove it 450km last night (mostly at 118kmh), and it's nice on the highway (other than gas mileage). I've been happy with it so far and it doesn't owe me anything!

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Review Date: 10th November, 2018

2001 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 5.3 from North America


It is by far the best vehicle we have ever owned


Nothing until 165,000 miles.

Recently the:

* Cooling system was replaced; hoses and water pump too.

* Starter was replaced.

* Fuel pump was replaced.

* The parking brakes had to be replaced.

* Upper ball joint & bracket on the driver's side was just replaced.

* Alternator was replaced 1 year ago.

General Comments:

I have owned three Tahoes: 1995, 1997 and a 2001. The 2001 has outrun and out performed the first two at virtually no maintenance cost. I don't count brakes, oil, tires, flush/fill regular things. The 95 and 97 were disappointments.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2017

2001 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4x4 5.3 V8 from North America


I regret trading it more than any I have ever traded


4x4 transfer case was a nightmare! The day we purchased it, we went out to the Chevy dealer to leave with it, and service 4x4 came on. Dealer said bring it back, no problem. Dealer "fixed" it... no they didn't. At the time I worked by a large open field and 4x4 was not engaging. Took it back and they had it for 2 weeks. They "fixed" it again... no they didn't. I spent $100 being towed out of the sand in Pismo.

Made a horrible "clunk" when shifted to reverse.

Very easily knocked out of alignment. I went over a curb with my boat and it knocked my front end out of alignment.

Brake control went out. Never affected my braking ability, but an annoying light was always on. Chevy has a real problem with this in all of their trucks/SUVs (my 01 2500 did this, my 09 Silverado and my 04 Suburban do this sometimes). It was recalled on the 01, but only the salt belt states.

General Comments:

I LOVED my Tahoe. It was bought with 45k, and had 155k when I traded it. I decided to trade it after a Vegas trip with a rented Mazda 3. I loved the Mazda 3 and decided that I didn't need a big car with just one child. Traded my beloved Tahoe on a 2006 Accord (don't get me started), and we traded our 01 2500 with the 8.1 ltr at the same time on our 09 Silverado. I took the Silverado from my husband after about 3 months.

My Tahoe was incredibly safe! I blew my front driver tire at 85mph and still had great control of the vehicle, and no one including my 4 month old daughter was even jarred.

Its towing capacity is excellent. I have towed my dad's monster 34ft trailer easily. Trust me, it worked the engine a little but still did amazing. I was able to tow our 21ft trailer with ease at 80mph, which resulted in a nice ticket.

To date we have had 4 black Silverados, 1 Tahoe, and I just recently purchased an 04 LT Suburban last week. I work for a Ford mechanic, so I see the problems with EGR valves, turbos and other things. I won't own a Ford personally. I am very pleased with GM products; as with anything, take care of it and it takes care of you.

Trading this was my biggest regret. I have traded and sold more cars than I care to admit; my husband wishes I would get a less expensive habit. When I traded my Tahoe for the Accord, within 3 months I missed it horribly. Our 09 Silverado held me over for a while, but there is no quality or reliability of the early 00's Chevy trucks and SUVs. I will keep my Suburban for a very long time, or until the guys at the shop can no longer fix things. If you're considering one, do it!

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Review Date: 4th March, 2014