2001 Chevrolet Tahoe LST from North America


A well built truck


Nothing went wrong, just regular maintenance.

General Comments:

I drove this for work, drove it through corn fields and along 25 mile dirt roads in Nebraska regularly. Never made a squeak, always strong.

Had some kind of self adjusting suspension that would dampen the ride (same as Cadillac); it was like sitting on the living room couch.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2010

2001 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 5.3L from North America


Our Tahoe has been a pretty good car


For the most part, my 2001 LS Tahoe has been great. It has always been in the garage, and it's in great condition. I really only have a couple complaints.

I have had the steering column linkage grease twice (about every 35k miles). It will make a clinking noise when you turn, but the GM kit will fix the problem. My gas mileage has never been better than 14-15 mpg, even on long highway trips. We bought a 2WD thinking it would get closer to the 18-19.

I am now having a coolant leak problem that most 5.3L seem to get over time. Not sure if it is the water pump of the intake gasket problem. Time to take her in for a $1000 in repairs.

Also, do not buy the Fortera tires from Goodyear. They claim 60k miles, but you will be lucky to get 30. They ride great and reduce noise, but very expensive for the mileage you get out of them. I am on my second set and they are about gone.

General Comments:

This is a very comfortable car. We bought it new, and now it is just a 3rd car for trips and when we need to haul 7 people or the dog. 3rd row seat is nice to have.

Gas mileage is awful, but to be expected.

I wish the front passenger had more leg room. Seems cramped for a big car.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2009

2001 Chevrolet Tahoe LT V6 from North America


Reliable comfy car, but costs a ton in gas


So far only minor things. The push lock on the driver's side door broke off so now it has to be locked from the passenger side door, the piece of plastic under the front bumper (I think it's a scrape guard or something) started to come off and drag under the car so we had to pull that completely off, and the leather on the driver side is falling apart, but besides that nothing.

General Comments:

This car sucks gas like no other.

It's kind of noisy and jerky, doesn't drive too smoothly but that might also be because I was in a wreck, which messed up my alignment but I already had that fixed.

Very roomy, has plenty of space for passengers and luggage.

Very comfortable for taking trips.

Very reliable, haven't had any major problems yet.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2008

8th Mar 2010, 11:47

You know I always get a chuckle out of SUV drivers who complain about their gas mileage. What did you expect when you bought this monster? 25/30 mpg??? Next time when you want to complain about your gas mileage, be realistic with regards to the type of vehicle you are driving!

27th Dec 2018, 18:11

I agree! What do consumers expect when a big V8 and heavy vehicle in general. I have an 01 Tahoe and it gets 16 MPG and about 18/19 on highway. I love it and I knew what I would be paying to drive this magnificent vehicle.

The only complaint I do have is that when one thing goes wrong and is corrected, I feel another right after it breaks. So far, knock on wood, I've not had to mess with the engine with 232k miles. The tranny was rebuilt, water pump replaced, rear main seal replaced, radiator, brake lines. But with it being 16 years old and that many miles, you expect some things to break.

So as far as ride, gas and the power of the vehicle, no complaints from me.

27th Dec 2018, 18:46

I buy what I really like and don’t waste time or check mileage. Gas is the last reason I buy a car. It’s unfortunate as it affects cool designs vs potato shape uninspired car offerings, and affects many drivetrains available on a vehicle. Some are truly boring and hideous looking, and even worse to drive. Road noise with less insulation, thinly padded seating and light suspension components often is the case.