22nd Jul 2007, 13:01

I own a 1997 Tahoe LS, 2WD. It has not been trouble free, but it is my all-time favorite vehicle. Currently has 351,000 miles on it.

Some of the problems I've had: 3 fuel pumps. Transmission failed at 224,000. Various electrical problems including window switches, turn signal switch, fan switch, radio speakers. The AC evaporator had a hole rubbed through the inlet line where it went through the firewall--common problem. Intake manifold leaked at 342,000. A couple of brake jobs, but most of my driving is on the highway. Power brake booster failed at about 200,000.

I average 18.5 MPG on the highway. I found a K&N air filter yielded an extra 1.5 MPG over stock filter (I used to fill it up and calculate mileage on a daily basis).

It is comfortable to drive, quiet, & peppy. I'm currently doing a little cosmetic work, i.e. new headlights, etc. from Ebay.

5th Aug 2007, 12:21

I purchase (New) a 1996 Chev. Tahoe LS 2WD in Sept. 1995. It now has 123,000 miles. I had my Chev. dealer install a new Transmission at 115,000. It works much better than the factory original trans. I installed front disc brakes at 95,000 miles, and the rear bands are still good. I also installed a new alternator at 105,000 miles. I do my own oil and filter changes, the radiator fluids, and the engine tune-ups. I'm getting ready to replace all the heater hoses, and radiator hoses. The Tahoe has performed very well for me. And for me, it's been trouble free. I'm sorta worried, as I haven't had the fuel pump in tank replaced. I know it's due.

Now that I'm retired, I drive it only 5 to 10 miles a week.

7th Aug 2007, 07:23

I bought my 98 Tahoe LT 4x4 3 years ago with 141,000 miles. It now has 180,000 miles.

To date I have replaced the radiator, clutch fan, upper and lower hoses, thermostat, water pump, heater valve, front brake pads and rotors (twice, found out the rear brakes weren't engaging), rear brake hardware and wheel cylinders, oxygen sensors, intake gasket, tires, chrome grille (it started flaking and stress cracked), headlights/taillights due to oxidation, drivers door handles - inside and out, fuel pump, barn door latch release rod clip, barn door strap, speakers, front seat leather for both seats - factory leather sucks, thermal switch for transfer case, oil pan plug - it was stripped, power steering pump, taillight wiring harness - it melted, ac compressor and evaporator, ac control switch, battery, alternator, idler pulley, starter, serpentine belt, plugs and plug wires, cap and rotor.

Some of those things I replaced for preventative reasons, but some - like the door handle and taillight wiring, I would have expected to last for quite a while longer. The motor still runs fine and has plenty of power, even with 180k miles and regular trips to the mountains. I expect to get another 100k out of it before I tear it down for a rebuild. Overall, the body is extremely solid and suspension has held up very well.

Would I buy another one? Already looking for one and do I plan to get rid of this one... not a chance. Every thing's fixable and for the money, you can't find a better real suv.

6th May 2008, 12:45

I too own a '99 2 Dr Chevy Tahoe Lt. Used with 500 miles on it. I love it!!! I have had many GM / Chevy dealer's trying to buy it from me. What's up with that? She is beautiful. I will never get rid of it. Nice condition. Everything inside original. Outside has took a lick-en and kept on tick-en. It has got me through some of the roughest winters in Michigan. I heard from a good source that it was one of the best designs of Chevy's. Not many made and they are trying to get them all back. Anyone heard anything like that? Hey where can I go to get info on when and why they retired it and some nice accessories for my baby?

19th Aug 2008, 16:13

I own a 1996 Tahoe and love it.. Have had it for 92,000 miles, got it when it had 60,000 so am up to 152,000,000 total... best vehicle I have ever owned. I did replace the manifold gasket and the fuel pump at 125,000 (corroded harness burnt it out, re-spliced it to a generic harness as factory one was $300.00, generic harness ran $7.00). Everything else normal wear and tear (brake job, tune up, oil changes...). Will never get rid of it. I have to replace the U joint tomorrow myself ($15.99, & 1/2 hour of my time), runs like brand new, smooth and strong.

23rd Dec 2008, 22:07

Proud to drive a 1998 GMC Yukon SLE loaded 2dr., tailgate door. 4x4, 200,000 miles.

Minor issues like fuel pump, rear wheel seals & brakes at 198,000.

Slight leak on oil cooler lines.

Exterior mirror on drivers side does not work in up & down direction.

BCM is giving me issues with interior lights not working when opening doors. Pretty much everything else has been routine maintenance that I do myself, no big issues so far.

Mine is white ext./grey int. with Lund ground effects kit and visor & custom A/R rims. I have had dealers & people on the street ask me if I want to sell. This week alone I have had four people tell me how nice it looks. I have always loved the look.

I've added Crystal headlites & HID kits w/6000k bulbs and a factory Homelink in my overhead console from a Suburban to operate my garage doors. I own 13 cars & cycles including a custom Hummer H2 SUT & this is my favorite unit to drive next to my 1997 regular cab short-box 4x4 Silverado with 168,000 miles!!!

GM should have put more effort into marketing 2 doors rather than comparing it to the four door sales, which were inflated by the buying former station wagon Moms (OK, a lot of guys also).

What I'm saying is 2 door buyers were always a stable market for GM going back to the 1969 Blazer, GMC cousin. GM hardly even mentioned 2 doors in the later year brochures, they pushed the 4 doors for profitability. There are no forums for the 4 doors, but are for the 2 doors, that should tell you something about loyalty of the 2 door owners and the desire-ability of the 2 doors!!

I've owned many 2wd & 4wd 2 door Blazers & Jimmy's and liked everyone of them. I fondly remember a 1972 2wd light green CST Blazer with a Feathers decal package & custom rims/tires that returned around 21 MPG on many trips. GM seems to have challenges building anything like that today!!!

22nd Sep 2009, 07:02

I have a 98 Tahoe 2 door 4x4. Right now it is sitting in my driveway with a bad rod-bearing. It has had many small-large issues since I bought it in '03. It has 117k and I've done the front brakes twice, inner/outer tie rods on both sides, both stabilizer links, intake manifold gasket, water pump, quick disconnect valve, driver's inner door handle twice, blower fan control switch (melted), mirror adjust switch (melted), tail light circuit board (melted), needs a fuel pump and filter, front dif leaks, brakes squeal again, ABS engages while slowing at slow speeds (5-10mph), wiper motor is bad, right wiper arm splines stripped, oil drain plug stripped. The body is in excellent condition and the interior is clean. I love the truck but they have way too many issues. I will be fixing the engine as soon as I have access to a lift...