19th Jan 2010, 22:01

I have had a 1995 Chevy Tahoe, and I have 210,153 miles on it. It still runs very nice, even though I snapped a telephone pole in half last night and a tree felt as if the driver's door should sit in my seat. Point is, that is if it wasn't for the design of the Tahoe, I wouldn't have gotten out with only a nick on my lip. I am buying a 1999 Tahoe that has a blown engine and putting the engine from the 95 in that. Other than that, I can salvage the front end of the truck, and the three doors that still work as doors should.

29th Apr 2010, 22:20

Mine is a '95 2-Dr LS with cloth seats. Bought it in '97 with 37,000 miles on it. I now have 207,000, with original engine and trans.

The heater hose connections on the back of the intake manifold leaked at around 90,000 - that was $1,000 at the dealer.

Main computer failed around 100,000; dealer installed a rebuilt one that resulted in less power and hard starting. The rebuilder GM buys from sucks. They said GM didn't offer new ones.

The plastic radiator had to be replaced, and I think the new plastic one is starting to leak.

It hasn't been trouble free, but it's been way more reliable than my wife's '95 Lexus LS400 that I've had in the shop twice and spent $2,700 on in the last 6 weeks!

After reading these posts, I think I've done exceptionally well with my '95. Just treat them well and they keep going!!

12th May 2010, 12:39

I originally left a comment on September 22 2009: The truck sat with a blown engine up until the end of April 2010. I have since replaced the engine with a rebuilt and it runs great, when it starts.

I have had the truck for 2 weeks, and now the fuel pump continues to not work at startup. We found a blown ECM fuse the first time, and the next day, it happened again and we tapped the fuel pump relay to get it working again.

Right now it will not start again. I'm hoping that the fuel pump is not bad, since I just spent $2700 on the new engine.

I have fixed the ABS issue by replacing the front driver's hub/bearing... it was completely wiped out. I also replaces the tensioner and the idler myself ($60 in parts).

We have to do some more testing on the fuel system to rule out if anything was pinched during engine replacement. I may also replace the connector on the outside of the pump, because there is a TSB on those going bad.

19th Sep 2010, 22:01

I have a 1998 Tahoe that I purchased with 30 thousand miles, or 50 thousand kilometres.

It started out as a beautiful truck with a great ride and decent towing power. The honeymoon was over all too fast. I will list some of the repairs that I can think of:

Catalytic converters.

Transfer case.


Door handles - front inside.

Door handle - outside drivers door.

All A/C lines and some twice.

Heater motor.

Heater resistor.

Heater control head x 3 (yes it failed 3 times).

Pitman arm.

U joints.

Drivers mirror.

Water pump x 2.

Fuel pump.

Fuel gauge sending unit.

Starter motor x 2.

Oxy sensors.

Rear A/C core.

Transmission x 2 (second time it was under warranty).

Suspension link.

Of course, there have been the regular brakes and tune up items as well.

I am in Canada, so things are stupidly expensive. Just the A/C repairs, I have put over 2k into it.

I am looking at a total now of over 15k for repairs and parts. I paid 29k for the truck when I got it. Right now it sits, as of today, with a heater hose fitting in the intake corroded off (yes I used Dexcool) and a crack in the drivers radiator tank.

One time when the A/C line blew, I ordered it in July and did not get it till near Christmas. It only lasted 1.5 years and that is from the dealer too. I gave up on A/C parts and said to hell with it. I will just roll down the windows!

Right now the truck has just over 300 kilometres or 180k miles.

To compare I have a 96 Mercury Marquis with the same mileage on it and my total repairs are 1100 bucks.

My next family vehicle that I can tow a trailer with and my wife can use as daily transportation will NOT be a Chev. I will get a Lincoln Navigator.

Chevy will have to do some huge making up with me before I buy one of their new vehicles.

19th Oct 2010, 16:09

I have a 1998 LS 2 door 4X4. It currently has 110,000 miles. I replaced the water pump at 50k, air conditioner pump & alternator at 55k, fuel pump at 60K, both inside door handles at 70K, rear lamp assembly at 75k, steering column module at 80k, heater core valve at 100k, and now I'm getting ready to replace the radiator (plastic tank leaking) at 110K. I have also had intermittent check engine lights for an intake valve issue, Seems to happen when I'm pulling a load up a hill. Engine still runs top notch.