13th Mar 2007, 14:45

I also wish that somebody would build a 2-door 4x4. I had a Dodge Ramcharger, and was a Dodge man all the way, but they lost me with the 4-door Durango. I also liked the 2-door Tahoe because it reminded me of the old full-sized, 2-door Blazer, but they are so rare as not to be found.

I ended up buying an Explorer Sport in large part because it was a 2-door and still was built with a truck frame.

Why, oh why, did Dodge, Ford, and Chevy quit building a full-sized 2-door 4x4!? I don't give a crap about getting kids out of the back seat, or strapping in a car seat!

15th Feb 2010, 00:39

"The T-350 transmission isn't the best for pulling massive amounts of weight"

Tahoes have the 700r4 and the later models have the 4L60E (electronic 700r4), not the T350.

Just clearing things up.

28th Sep 2010, 12:34

I'm not sure about a 1997 Tahoe, but I had a 1995, and it was by far the best vehicle I have ever had.

I acquired the truck with 177,000 miles on it, and sold it with 299,000 miles. The transmission was only rebuilt one time.

It was a well maintained vehicle before I got it. One owner, older gentleman, that traveled back and forth to New York. It never let me down, and there was not anything I could not tow with it.

An amazing vehicle, and I kick myself for selling it due to the only downfall of it... Fuel economy, or lack thereof. Oh, the drivers seat leather did tear up.

I am actually in the market to get another one real soon.

28th Sep 2010, 14:43

"Great vehicle, but horribly unreliable and breaks a lot!"

Nice title. No wonder GM continues to build junk. People think they are great even when they break and are unreliable!

Sorry, I consider a great vehicle one that doesn't break and is reliable... or any import I've owned over the past 25 years.

28th Sep 2010, 14:44

You'd be better off with a T-350. The later trannies are junk!

20th Aug 2017, 04:46

I have a 97 Tahoe 5.7 liter V8. And it has over 218,000 miles and the spider injection just went out. Cylinder 7 misfire. Does anyone know if there is something I can put in the gas tank to get it to clean the injection out, so I don't have to replace it.