2003 Chevrolet Tracker LT 2.5L V6 from North America


One of the few vehicle purchases that I have never regretted


Air actuator motor for the 4WD went south, it was a known condition and Suzuki built a better motor to replace it.

A/C blew a fuse and was traced to possible ice build up on condenser fan, as we hadn't driven it in a while. A new fuse was installed.

Replaced wiper blades, that's it.

General Comments:

Five years old, and even thought this truck rides like a truck, it has no rattles.

Don't take the truck to GM to get fixed as the parts, if they have them, are expensive. Go to Suzuki.

Completely reliable vehicle with average fuel economy for it's class.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2008

2003 Chevrolet Tracker LSi 2.0 from North America


Go with the six cylinder model


Driver side door handle is loose.

Rattles coming from somewhere?

Rear dome light assembly fell out.

Center dash vent broke (replaced)

General Comments:

This little cute ute is nice to look at, and nice to ride in, but it lacks in the power department. The four cylinder struggles to maintain speeds on the highway, and merging can be a scary thing.

I'm not too happy with the gas mileage either, but I should have considered that before I purchased it.

Shopping carts can easily knock small dings in it if you are not careful.

One more thing that bothers me is the automatic transmission seems to shift rough at times.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2007

2003 Chevrolet Tracker LX 2.0 from North America


A lost cause lemon


Both front bearings were not packed with grease at assembly line. This causes very loud squeaking in cold weather and vibrations in the steering wheel. Dealer originally tried to fix this by simply putting grease in them The problems persisted and now they are replacing both front hub assemblies.

While fixing the above problem they lent me another Tracker, this time an automatic... this one also exhibits the same symptoms. My guess is that it too has no grease in it's bearings.

The after market AC unit that the dealer had installed has a belt failure and they forgot a seal behind the glove box. Had to return vehicle 3 times before they actually fixed that problem.

General Comments:

My car has been in the shop for 21 days out of the first 4 months that I have owned it and I still don't have it back yet.

I would highly suggest you don't buy one of these. If you already have I would suggest having your bearing assemblies checked for grease. If they weren't packed with grease at the factory get them replaced... don't let them tell you it is OK to just put grease in now. New grease will not fix any damage caused, it will just prevent further damage!

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Review Date: 25th January, 2004

16th Feb 2004, 14:14

"Putting new grease in will just prevent further damage."

No it won't, because if they really have run without grease then the case hardening will be worn through.

I'm intrigued though because I've replaced a few front wheel bearings and they come prepacked with grease. They aren't usually greased on the assembly line as you suggest.