23rd Apr 2006, 15:11

I just got a 96 Z71. Who knows where to find tecnical info?

22nd Feb 2008, 19:21

I have a 1996 Z71 Ext. Cab 5.7 I bought new. It has the rare NV3500 5 speed manual transmission. Yes I get 20 MPG highway.

230K miles to date.

No rust.

Uses no oil.

Had to replace the clutch once at 150k. I also had the manual transmission rebuilt; cost $ 1200.00.

3 sets of Wrangler RTS (Only tire to use on this baby).

Rear brakes $50 did myself.

Front brakes and rotors twice $300.00; did it myself.

Hit a deer once; had to JB weld the grille ($4.25).

I just love this truck and will keep it as long as I can!

I wish I could find another low mileage truck; I'd buy it.

13th Jun 2010, 08:52

I had a 96 Z71. Bought it in 2005 with 102,000 on it. Sold it in 2009; it had 367,000 on the poor thing.

At one point, I had to move and left it a friends house for 9 months. It sat there, not moved started or cared for. I hopped in and drove it 12 hours to my new home, no problem.

Loved this truck, best truck I ever had, could not kill it, and I tried.

11th Aug 2010, 16:59

I have a '96 Z71 that I bought as my first truck with 87,000 miles on it. To date this truck has given me NO problems at all, and I abuse this rig daily. It gets about 10-12 mpg just cruising, but I have 33's and that really kills the mileage, but it really doesn't effect how it runs or pulls at all.

This truck is a farm truck and has never missed a beat when hauling loads. The 5.7 is bulletproof and never hesitates to run at all. It is just an all around tough, comfortable, and beautiful looking truck (everyone in town knows who drives this truck, yes, I keep it that nice).

25th Aug 2010, 18:12

My buddy had a 96 Blazer that he bought with 198000 on the poor thing.

It had been wrecked, and it was just plain worn out. But being the mechanic's son who had more time than money, he fixed the problems as they arose.

But after he had abused the thing just as much he could (I mean this guy just beat the he11 out of it) and just after it reached 201000, he blew it up after getting stuck when the 4 wheel drive went out.

So it had a sad ending but it had a restoration coming its way because he had just gotten hired at a higher paying job. Currently it's sitting at pull apart in the city. :(

24th Nov 2016, 01:05

I put a 5 speed into my 96 Z71 5.7. I now won't pass emissions, not because of gasses, but because it's pulling automatic transmission codes. I was told to find a VIN# for a 96/Z71 5.7 (5-speed) and have my computer flashed to it... then it will no longer look for the automatic transmission and will pass emissions. Anyway I could use your VIN#; it sure is my last hope.