1988 Chevrolet Van G20 High Top Conversion 5.7L 350 Fuel Injected from North America


Absolutely Fantastic!


Needed all wheel bearings replaced.

Tensioner pulley shredded belt.

Speedometer cable squeaks.

Passenger side window doesn't work.

A/C needs charging.

General Comments:

Huge interior, very comfortable for family. Good gas mileage for a vehicle of it's age and mileage (approx. 15 MPG). 100% reliable, took the car on a trip from Buffalo to Orlando, Florida, 3,100 miles total, without a single flaw. Handles beautifully, drives like a dream. We would take this van anywhere, anytime without hesitation. It has replaced our 2003 Chevrolet Venture as our main daily driver.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2004

10th May 2004, 12:08

You use this vehicle as a daily driver?! No offense, but that presents as one of the most illogical and patently irresponsible decisions on the face of this planet. Beyond the pollution that you're belching out by the *ton* in that vehicle, you're voluntarily paying for fuel in that thing!? At 12mpg in the city!? With a 30+ gallon tank!? So you can run to the mall and the hair salon!?!

Using a vehicle like that for road trips and the like is about the only reasonable use of such a thing. Otherwise, you're just taking up space, costing us our air quality, and supporting our dependence on oil-- Particularly foreign oil; that which so many Americans are supposedly "against". And it's also costing you around $60 bucks or more to fill your tank. Every time.

Good one!

1988 Chevrolet Van G20 350 5.7L from North America


Very reliable and durable and interesting alternative to a car


Passenger side power window.

Spots of rust around conversion windows.

Doors sagging.

General Comments:

Very reliable. Of the 20 odd cars I have owned, this is the surprisingly most reliable and durable. Parts are cheap. Repairs are easy.

Considering many old cheap vans I looked at had clocked over 500, 000, most well over 300, 000 I get the impression this will run a long long time.

Much better experience with Chevy Van over last 2 Ford Econolines (oil leakers) and Dodge (just didn't like it). Drives nice like the Ford, but found the 350 FI gets far better gas mileage than the Ford 351s.

The 35O Fuel Injected is pretty quick for a van or even some cars. Very powerful. It sure don't stop fast though.

I WILL buy again. Tons of car for the money. No current car comes room a bed and TV and VCR and a minibar either.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2003