24th May 2011, 19:51

My Father has a 1990 Chevy Hi Top Mark III conversion Van.

He is claiming about 14 MPG around town. All of his passengers enjoy being toted in luxury. This is his 3rd Van, and the family Van is like an extension of home life. Even though we've grown up, left home, we all have beautiful memories of great family excursions - they are priceless!

But now I have a question for someone who may know the answer. Recently, the fan delivering the A/C to the rear passenger cabin has stopped working. Can anyone tell me where to find this fan on this '90 Mark III conversion?

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Ty!

9th Dec 2011, 10:13

Actually that is called power timing. +- 3 degrees is the factory spec, as factors such as altitude/ambient temp and fuel quality effect performance. It is an accepted way of getting more performance/fuel mileage out of a vehicle amongst professional technicians that are aware of the many variables.

19th Jan 2013, 06:19

Gas consumption and pollution when touring should never come before an issue when on vacations or family times on the road; having a good time should always be first. There are a lot more causes to polluting up our air than vehicles, so take a good look around, or better yet, layoff the vehicles.

19th Jan 2013, 12:25

Biggest mistake I ever made selling my High Top Chevrolet. Absolutely mint and paid for. I sold it over the stupid gas, thinking I was being conservative. It had a 37 gallon tank, but I could easily afford it. In the interim, I lost great family trips. I took my children, mother and grandmother with great comfort.

I had a 90 with the large flat screen that I put in with a DVD. My kids absolutely loved this vehicle. I replaced the brakes and radiator. The air conditioning was great. These are extremely reliable.

If you have one and sell it, be prepared to really miss it. I took mine from Delaware to Florida 5 times during my ownership. Now I hate the trip as far as the driving aspect goes, and fly.

18th Apr 2014, 11:05

Can you change the speedometer miles to km, and how?

22nd Sep 2015, 01:33

How can you change miles to km??

9th Oct 2015, 21:59

Don't know if anyone can help, we have a 1988 high top and need to replace the windscreen rubber - cannot seem to find them online. We live in Australia, so that makes it difficult as there are not many of those vehicles here! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

10th Oct 2015, 20:58

Try a USA Glass Installer. Maybe they can help and ship one if not a huge hassle. Safelite?

18th Oct 2015, 18:00

You are so right!!! I have the best memories of my parents taking the family on vacations in their big Ford Conversion Vans. There were most times 6 of us. We live in Michigan and traveled all over the country since my mother was afraid of flying. My father always bought the one with the biggest engine for climbing the hills and mountains. It is no one's business how much $$ he spent on fuel. Our vacation memories are priceless :)

16th Dec 2017, 19:43

What did you do with the rear seats?

9th Jan 2020, 19:48

I took them out, made a small kitchen.