2001 Chevrolet Van LS (15 passenger) 5.7 V8 from North America


Big, poor handling, fuel sucking, behemoth


The door panels on the rear side, and rear doors snapped off and are held in place by screws.

Sometimes the intermittent wipers don't work.

It loses antifreeze somewhere.

It was 2 quarts low on oil when we last changed the oil.

The dome-lights stay on till the battery is dead if you don't shut a door all the way.

Sometimes it doesn't start well.

The rear side doors are hard to close. (Possibly due to the extended length.)

One time it would turn over, but wouldn't fire. We had to replace the coil or something.

We think the intake gaskets are going bad.

General Comments:

This van is a must have if you plan on hauling around a lot of people.

It has front and rear climate control.

The steering has a dead-spot that I don't like (about 2 inches)

It rides well for a one ton van, but not very well for a passenger van.

It sucks gas like its going out of style. (down to 13.5 mpg now)

It is not very good in the winter with 2 wheel drive.

The ABS is very nice on slick roads.

It stops well in most all conditions due to its excessive weight.

When you are turning on to a new road, it feels like you are going to tip over or something. It doesn't feel good any way.

It accelerates moderately well for its bulk, but not well enough to satisfy me.

The factory 2 1/2 or 3" exhaust sounds good when accelerating.

The seats have lots of room, but the van doesn't ride good enough to say it is comfortable.

The 4 removable bench seats are easy to remove to make a huge cargo area.

I would rate the styling two thumbs down.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2004

26th Dec 2004, 05:41

It is a 15 seat van. You can't expect it to handle or accelerate like a car.

26th Dec 2004, 07:06

You bought a 15 passenger van and then complain that it gets bad gas mileage?

As for the styling, did it somehow change from the way it looked when you bought it, presumably with your eyes open?

13th Jun 2005, 23:29

On the fuel economy website it says,

Chevrolet G1500/2500 Chevy Express 2WD

8cyl, 5.7 L, Auto (4), Regular

MPG (city) 13

MPG (highway) 17

MPG (combined) 15.

-If your getting 13.5mpg, then either you never drive it on the highway, or you have a very heavy foot. Either way, I strongly suggest that you Get a K&N air filter. Most people who get 13mpg end up getting 17mpg in the city and 20mpg on the highway when they got 17mpg.