2001 Chevrolet Van 1500 Express 4.3 V6 from North America


Would not buy another one like it for sure


Coil pack needed to be replaced around 40,000 miles; seems to have broken loose in its housing. This caused intermittent stalling and starts.

Oil pump needed to be replaced around 50,000 miles.

Had problem with the computer, being in the engine compartment, allowing water to splash on it and running off the windshield down on the computer. Had to replace the computer. That gets pricey. I bought a new one from a parts dealer, programmed and ready to go. Cheaper than OEM!

Rear wheel seals replaced twice.

Distributor needed to be replaced at 50,000 some miles. Gear worn down to thin metal.

Brake line corrosion caused the lines to need to be replaced.

Needs the engine rebuilt because of cheap GM intake gaskets. Allowed antifreeze to leak into the oil, causing the oil to gum up like jello. A known GM intake gasket problem again. Oil galleries need to be flushed and bearing replaced at 68,000 miles. Replaced pistons and rings, because of piston slap while having it apart.

General Comments:

Overall the vehicle is pricey to keep on the road.

It's making me re-think buying another GM van.

This vehicle also has the paint peeling; a known issue GM that ignores.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2014

2001 Chevrolet Van 1500 5.7L from North America


Very good people mover


Door handles needed replacement after 4 years (covered by extended warranty).

General Comments:

Very good value.

This van does its job very well -- delivering lots of people around safely and reliably.

Why people whine that it doesn't drive like a sports car is bizarre.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2009

2001 Chevrolet Van Express 3500 5.7L from North America


Last GM I'll own!


Front seats ripped soon after we bought the van. Replaced with conversion seats from a conversion manufacturer.

At 68,000 miles we had it towed into the dealer because the van was lagging going up hills and causing a loud knocking noise. This ended up being the distributor cap and rotor. $538!!? for a cap and rotor?!

They also cleaned the fuel lines at that time because they thought it was bad fuel.

At 72,000 miles (4000 miles later) the same issue happened with the cap and rotor. I was now told by a different dealer that the first dealer did not remove the screen that was supposed to keep out dirt, but held water and caused the corrosion and arching. They also charged $78 for the "diagnosis" even though it was "covered" by the GM warranty from the previous "repair".

At 78,000 the problem started again and I replaced the cap and rotor again along with the plugs and wires, myself.

Rear lights would not operator properly from the day we bought it. It was a short in the sockets and required the replacement of the rear lighting wiring harnesses. That was yet another $670 just so I could sell it.

General Comments:

I liked the idea that GM moved the rear axle back on their extended version vans for better stability, unlike the Ford or Dodge. That was the main selling point for me on this van.

Lots of space with the 15 passenger extended version. We took out the last seat and still had 11 passenger seating and a HUGE trunk. With 8 of us in the family it was a very useful vehicle.

Gas mileage was what could be expected for a 15 passenger van - in the 15 MPG area.

Way too many problems for a 2 year old vehicle that was well taken care of, overall.

Cheaply made vehicle. I sold it before it "nickel-and-dimed" me to death after we had it only a year.

This will be the last GM vehicle I will ever own. With my previous 3 GM vehicles I have had nothing, but trouble and they have cost a great deal of money to repair. If I am ever given one (not likely), I will sell it and buy either a Ford Econoline or a Dodge Sprinter.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2004

13th Jul 2006, 00:05

The 3500 series Express cargo van is a monster!

Every area of the vehicle is solid, sturdy and well constructed.

Fuel mileage is around 15mpg with the 5.7 engine, which is fair.

One can turn on every electrical/motor AC feature of the van, and never notice any performance issue!

Seats are comfortable, but the edges do crack after continual in-out; I would think the latter would occur in any work vehicle.

Remember, one has to climb into the van, which places stress on the edge, sliding/falling out of the van also causes stress; a new GM seat cover costs $218.00.

Bumpers are great to have, they are made of the same material as a Sherman tank; Steel!

Factory GM tires (Goodyear or Firestone) are superb concerning driving, but wear very fast.

I suggest using a Tiger paw or something similar, the drive will be a little more bumpy, but the tires will last 3X as long!

Around 6 months ago, a Dodge Dakota smashed into the front of my van, head-on (around 15mph) my front bumper required replacement, the Dodge required a flat bed etc...

Parking concerning the extended cargo van is a challenge, but the added room is worth the occasional frustration.

The van has so much interior room, regardless as to how hot it is outdoors, the inside is cool.

Never does one have to open the door and wait 10 minutes for the interior to cool down on a hot day, simply jump in and go!

Finally, very rarely will you ever be cut-off, people never park their car next to a van because most finally understand the outcome etc...

Overall it is a very safe vehicle, it is important to remember to take care of the vehicle like you would a car to maintain reliability along with resale.

17th Jan 2008, 17:21

Somehow, I don't think that moving to Ford would be a good idea; if you do, chances are that your experience will be worse than the one you had with your GM truck! However, the Dodge Sprinter idea sounds like a good one. In actuality, it is a Mercedes-Benz in disguise. A little more money to pay up front, but supposedly these trucks are worth it. Do your research, but I wouldn't recommend a Ford even to my worst enemy!

8th Jul 2008, 18:21

Vehicles manufactured '96 and later (e.g., 2001) do not have a distributor, cap and rotor, but distributor less ignition. This does not sound like a review of a 2001.

9th Mar 2009, 14:46

Not always the case. My 2003 GMC Sierra with the 4.3L v6 has a distributor, cap, and rotor. I just replaced it all a few weeks ago.

21st Nov 2011, 13:35

You are wrong. The 2001 Chevy Express has distributor cap & rotor.