2000 Chevrolet Venture Warner Brother's Edition from North America


I absolutely LOVE this van


I have just recently had the intake gaskets replaced, as we noticed oil in the coolant. I understand that this is semi-normal maintenance, as the vehicle is a man-made piece of machinery and stuff breaks. Though unhappy with the bill (lost my mechanic recently and was forced to have the work done at a dealership) I am very pleased to have the issue fixed.

Within the same week, I was still noticing a slight "clunk" in the front end when turning - this was a lot of suspension work and, again, though unhappy with the dealership expense, I am very happy to have the repairs completed.

Near-impossible to perform your own tune-up, as the motor must be tilted (for ease, and still the mechanic runs the risk of scrapes and scratches) in order to reach the rear plugs and wires.

General Comments:

I live in a state with some "road-way issues," which also cause undue stress on vehicles. The repairs that have been done should carry my van through the rest of its life.

Gas mileage averages 25.5 mpg year-round and (since I'm sure we're all feeling the pain of gas-purchases) refuse to complain all that much.

I have 2 children who (as is rather normal) cannot keep their hands to themselves, so the extended version of this minivan has been a true life-saver.

The tow-capacity of the Venture is perfect for our motorcycle trailer loaded with 2 motorcycles.

Traction Control makes driving through snow much less of a migraine-inducing trip.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2007

2000 Chevrolet Venture Automatic 3.4 from North America


If I could swear I would. Very pathetic vehicle to say the least


Everything went wrong with this vehicle. Engine coolant into engine, rust on vehicle (repaired under warranty) and now have rust again. Tires, changed brakes at 30 k (not covered under warranty). Hood latch unsafe. Wiper blade operation (stuck at top). Engine overheats when idle. Thunking noise all the time when vehicle is 3/4 full of gas. Feels like someone ran into the back of your vehicle (GM says this is normal for any vehicle). Interior lights flicker. Front lights flicker when vehicle is on. A-C and rad replaced at 30 K. Service is the worst I have ever experienced and GM will not call or reply to any requests. Absolutely the most pathetic vehicle I have ever owned.

General Comments:

This vehicle is terrible and I would never recommend anyone buying.

GM knows of all the problems with this vehicle and they don't make them anymore. Wonder why. That is what GM does.

Quality of workmanship is terrible.

Service at dealership is pathetic and terrible.

GM overall is terrible.

First GM purchase and definitely the last. My minivan should have been painted Yellow. The problems and difficulties I have had with this vehicle are never ending. And by the way, its worth about 7 K now if I was wanting to sell. Nice job GM. You really know how to upset new GM vehicle owners. I will never ever ever buy another GM for myself or any family member and will let them know about my experience.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2007

12th Mar 2009, 12:23

Ditto here.

I have a 2000 Venture, and many of the same problems you experienced, and other issues as well. Totally convinced me never to buy GM again, probably American for that matter.

I have dumped so much money into this vehicle, and had face to face heated discussions with service managers that think you were just born. Live and learn. BTW my wipers broke twice in 7 years!!

2000 Chevrolet Venture LS Extended from North America


Not recommended!


Front cup holders broke!

Rear seat jammed and could not fold or be removed anymore.

Unsolvable electrical problems at 117,000 miles.

The gas gauge never has worked and have run out of gas before because it was reading 3/4 tank and it was empty!!!

General Comments:

All electrical!!! The battery started to die when the vehicle would sit more that 12 hours and we had to jump start it. Replaced the battery and still did the same thing. Replaced the alternator and still did the same thing. Sent to electrical mechanic and after 3 weeks there was still no answer. There is a short somewhere in the wiring system that no one is able to find. Because of this the radio works when it feels like it, and the power locks and windows act up all the time.

However, this van is so comfortable and it is so roomy! I love the van, I just hate the problems!

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2006