28th Sep 2004, 06:32

If you read the rest of the comments on this board, you will realize that you are part of a very small minority. Most people that own this van hate it and have had nothing, but problems. Check out the postings for the Hyundai Santa Fe if you want to see what a well built car really performs like.

5th Nov 2004, 11:05

My van is a 2000 and has 155K on it. other than the intake manifold being replaced under warranty, it been a great van.

12th Aug 2005, 08:05

A Hyundai Santa Fe is a much worse vehicle than any Venture. Hyundai's are extremely low quality vehicles, you get what you pay for.

22nd Sep 2005, 11:26

Wow. Sometimes it's nice to know you're not alone. My 2000 Venture also had the intake manifold problem, the wiper sticking problem, the rear hatch handle problem, the rear door sliding problem. I also had a problem with my tail lights burning out requiring a new tail light assembly. And as I write this, the van is at the garage with transmission problems.

I am definitely not happy with this van - if only I'd leased for 3 years!!!

15th Jan 2006, 12:31

Well it seems as though these Vans have a lot of differing opinions. My wife and I bought our 2000 Venture used at 86 thousand miles. We do like the van like most do who haven't had problems yet. I do believe we are about to experience the dreaded intake gasket problem. We have Antifreez fluid loss and cooling problems.

How long has Chevrolet been building cars? When do they learn there is a fine line between saving a dollar on the production of thier vehicles, and cost of turning off new customers and alienating long time ones?

We live in a very greed oriented society for sure. I hate to say it because I have always loved Chevrolet and do own a 1970 Chevelle, but we will go back to Honda and Toyota after this for the family transportation.

10th Nov 2006, 23:40

I don’t know what you guys are talking about any cars van or truck you buy must do your regular check. Change oil don’t drive it like a race car. I had Chevys all my life including Chevy venture 2000. Sure, had to change head gasket at 100.000 k. I was warn about this problem. All you have to do is change transmission oil every 50.000 k. Engine oil every 4000 k and air filter. Maintain your vehicle and it will keep you on the road.

14th Nov 2006, 06:37

My mom has been driving her 1998 chevrolet venture for 8 years. It has about 99,000 miles. Right when our van hit 99,000 miles, the water pump broke, antifreeze started leaking, and the intake manifold gasket is letting coolant into the engine. We have never had any problems ever with this van. We've bought 2 sets of tires, new tie-rods, 2 sets of brakes, new headlight, fixed the automatic sliding door, the sliding door handles. All in 8 years. To fix the gasket, and install a thermostat, and do all the other regular maintenance, is going to cost almost 1200 dollars. Do yall think its worth it to replace all that stuff, or just buy a new car?

27th Jan 2007, 18:51

Your mom's 1998 Venture with over 99,000 miles on it is probably paid for so $1200 repair bill to keep it going is better than buying a $22,000 plus new car for her. Think of all the extra cash.

12th Nov 2007, 21:25

I bought a 2000 Venture in April 2003 with 30K on it I have replaced the intake gasket at 85k, The alternator, water pump. two fuel injectors, cooling fan, tie rods, both front wheel bearing assemblies, power steering pump, relays, both front axles and the list goes on. I have not been happy with this van and will not buy another one.

I forgot to mention the transmission rebuilt at 89k.

Fuel gauge is bad.

As of today, I have 127k on it. I have spent over 4 grand and done most of the work, but not the transmission.

16th Nov 2010, 17:27

Wife & I bought out 2000 "WB edition" Venture with 93,000 miles. We were replacing a 2000 Ford Windstar with 140,000 and in need of a trans rebuild (which we couldn't afford), when a tree fell on it & totaled it (YAY).

Transmission (Venture) started shifting funny around 125,000 miles, & was told needed rebuilt. I changed the fluid AND FILTER. And again at 150,000 and again at 175,000. It just turned 200,000 miles and (trans) still works great. The engine has always "consumed" oil (1-quart/1500 miles.) but doesn't smoke. I have replaced 02 sensor (once), spark plugs & wires (2x), front brakes (3x), rotors (1x),1 coil pack, water pump (1x) various belts, hoses,& relays.

It has been "mysteriously" using antifreeze since we bought it. Recently usage has increased so, I am soon to replace the intake gaskets & maybe head gaskets (while I'm into it). I lube the power window mechanisms & door tracks every few years. I do all of my families vehicles, but maintenance, but will have diagnostics done on occasion.

The interior & trim has held up better than the Windstar (yes, broken hatch strap). MPG continues to impress me (21 city/25 hwy) with family of 5.

Best ride quality/mpg/ reliability of any van we've owned.

I think some of you need to find better mechanics. I know of several in my area that will do "whatever it takes" to pay their over-head in this weak economy.