27th Dec 2009, 19:30

I wish that I had read these comments before purchasing my 2000 Chevy Venture a couple years ago. After spending about $500 to get it inspected a couple of weeks ago, minus the repair for needed replacement of bearings, brakes that stutter before stopping but told they are good, and other maladies. My van wouldn't start up after a brief bout with heat not working. I tried to start it, but the engine made a thud and wouldn't start back up. I had it towed, but was told that it is the head gasket. I spent many hundreds over this brief two years for a not so good drive, and unfortunately don't have the money to get it fixed.

26th Apr 2010, 15:36

I purchased a 2000 Venture (WB edition) brand new, and still own, maintain, drive and love it.

It has 175,000 on the original engine, burns no oil, and runs perfectly.

We've never wrecked our Venture and it has no rust. This is, however, definitely a car for a tinkerer (which I am). Repairs I've either done myself or farmed out over the last 10 years include:

Rebuilt transmission after 90,000 miles.

Replaced rotors/pads (multiple times), hubs, and CV joints.

Replaced leaking intake manifold gasket.

Replaced water pump, A/C compressor, serpentine belt and tensioner.

Replaced rear air shocks and fixed leaking autoleveler air lines.

Replaced cam position sensor (at 172,00 miles).

Repaired factor VHS player (a tape was stuck in it).

Currently have a non-functioning fuel gauge sending unit and a unreliable instrument panel light rheostat. When I get some time, I'll replace those too.

The nice thing about Chevy's is that replacement parts are very cheap, and if maintained, the engines run over 200K. When/if my original 3.4L venture engine ever gives up the ghost, I am going to rebuild it and start over.

This car cost me $31,000 and has lasted 10 years so far, without every stranding me or my wife on the highway. I would rather spent $3000-5000 dollars keeping it running another ten years, than drop another 25-35K on a comparable new vehicle. But when I do, it's going to be another GM... I've had eight GM auto's/trucks since 1962, and not a single bad vehicle in the lot.

On the other hand, my earlier Fords, Chrysler's and Nissan's were all junk (especially the Chryslers), and I would never even consider buying another one of their products.

25th Oct 2010, 23:46

I guess you get your good and bad with any car you buy, no matter what the make and model it seems to me. Nobody really cares for their Chevy Venture van. Guess I've just been blessed.

I have a 1997 Venture and love it. Yes at 130000 miles I did have to replace the intake gaskets and TPS sensor and not long after the alternator but have had it since it had 92000 miles. It now has 156000 miles and they have been my only problems. My wife drives it every day without a worry, since the minor setbacks only gets oil changes new filters gas, air, and oil along with brakes when needed.

My Ford F-350 has had its fair share of problems and has cost me a lot more than our Venture has, but I work her hard and play harder, but that don't mean I will give up on Ford. Like I said, you get your good and bad no matter what brand you drive.