1979 Chrysler 300 360 from North America


I love this car


Bought this beast today. Put a new set of white letter tires on it because the ones on it were dry rotted. Drove it home on a three hour trip with no problems. Good brakes, ran like a top, transmission shifted good, etc... and this is after sitting since 1992.

General Comments:

This car is incredible. I like the features. Comfortable, quiet, reliable, fast (for what it is); just an overall awesome ride from the seventies.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2016

25th Mar 2016, 19:21

You drove a car that had been sitting for 24 years on a three hour trip without even changing the oil first? Good job.

26th Mar 2016, 20:05

How is it known he didn't change the oil?

27th Mar 2016, 03:19

Just to be safe, an all-fluids-and-filters enema is in order here.

That and an all-belts-and-hoses replacement would be good (don't forget the fuel hoses @ the gas tank).

Once you do that, the E58 police package 360 and 3:21 rear make for a fun car - enjoy :)

27th Mar 2016, 13:34

How is it known that he did? He mentions the tires and nothing else.

27th Mar 2016, 16:45

What was the color of the exhaust smoke on the way home?

28th Mar 2016, 22:56

It's only been a couple of days... the smoke trail is probably still evident...

1979 Chrysler 300 Limited Edition 360 V8 from North America


A lot of bang for my buck!


Cruise went out at 121000, easy fix.

Front seats were shot, covers did the job.

Reverse is weak on tranny.

General Comments:

I bought this car for $600 after it was sitting for 3 years. Drove it home the next day. This car goes like crazy with the V8 and handles exceptionally well for such a large car. Has all power features and creature comforts as well. Has the nice muscley lines like a Mopar should.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2006

13th Jul 2006, 02:01

I love my 79 300. It was the first car I ever bought. It has 79,000 miles. The only thing wrong with it is the body, and as you know its extremely hard to find parts. My only option is to sell it or fabricate it. It is my love, and it still runs with the boys. If you need parts I'm willing to sell them e-mail me at Karmalbologna@aol.com.

13th Jul 2006, 15:58

I had never heard of the '79 Chrysler 300 until I saw my first one this weekend. Same body as the Cordoba, with a console shift and leather interior, so the sport/luxury was there. What grabbed my interest is that apparently this car came with the same engine that was offered in the Dodge Lil' Red Express Truck, the 360 4-barrel that was touted as the fastest production vehicle for 1979. I hadn't realized that Dodge was still making a V-8 performance sedan in 1979, except for the more well-known Aspen/Volare.

17th Apr 2008, 12:46

I have a late model production 1979 300, bought it from my brother in 1996, it was featured in Mopar Collectors Guide in Jan of 1998, Expect the Unexpected, 12 second 300. It should go mid ten's this year. It now sports a 505 inch Muscle Motors stroker, a Dynamix (Frank Lupo) 727, and a Dana 60 with 410 gear. This car is full body, not lightened, electric locks and windows, everything is functional except air conditioning (deleted it). Who said the late models were not muscle cars is full of crap.

This car also has a true Shaker hood setup off of a 1970 Cuda. Talk about cool and fast, see ya Stangs, Camaro's and anything else that gets in my way.


19th Apr 2008, 09:10

And don't forget, all Dodge Darts are muscle cars, even those with a Slant 6, because Sox & Martin campaigned a modified hemi Dart at the strip one season. If a hemi dart can run an 8 second quarter mile, then surely my Slant 6 Dart is a muscle car, right?

1979 Chrysler 300 360 cid from North America


The last Chrysler B body is worth owning


The water pump began leaking at 80,000 miles and I replaced it.

The brake master cylinder was replaced at 80,000 miles.

The power door locks work intermittently, starting at 100,000 miles and 20 years old.

General Comments:

This 1979 300 has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. It has required less than $100 in repairs in the last seven years of driving (not including tires, oil, belts, and other regular maintenance).

I have driven this car mostly for short trips around town. I also have driven it from Seattle to LA and Seattle to Montana.

It is one of the best looking '70s Chrysler B body models.

The acceleration is fast to 30 MPH and beyond that performance is just adequate. The 4-barrel noise from under the hood makes it seem like it is going much faster.

Gas mileage is poor but comparable to a new SUV. Engine and axle combo make the car rev at nearly 3000 RPM at 60 MPH which makes for poor mileage.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2001

2nd Feb 2005, 17:04

Actually, the 1979 Cordoba-based 300 probably represents the low point in the decline of this model, which began in 1962 when Chrysler started selling a non-letter 300 which was nothing more than a fancied-up Newport.

By 1979, Chrysler was having a hard time moving the overweight and underperforming Cordoba in the last year of its original design, so figured that reviving the 300 nameplate and adding some red and blue pinstripes, fake fender vents, along with an engine-turned dash applique might sell a few more cars. They could hardly call it a performance car with only 195 hp.

It remains to be seen whether the 2005 300C will herald a return to the respect this model commanded when it first appeared in 1955...