2012 Chrysler 300 Luxury Diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Economical large car that goes well and turns heads


Exhaust vibration at certain revs.

General Comments:

A well equipped car that has all the features that you would normally expect in a more expensive luxury car. The diesel engine has plenty of power but is very economical; it usually gets 700km out of approx 65 litres of diesel.

After getting out of my 14 year old Lexus LS430, I have to say the Chrysler doesn't have the same quality or fit and finish, but as far as features go, it has everything the Lexus had and more. I am quite happy with this car so far, but if the right LS 460 happened to come along, I would probably go back to Lexus.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2018

2012 Chrysler 300 Limited 3.6 V6 from North America



General Comments:

This car's design is beautiful.

Inside the seats are comfortable and the interior is very quiet.

It has the best instrument panel, in both looks and ability to read, that I have ever seen.

Engine is quiet and the 8-speed transmission is very smooth.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2012

13th Mar 2012, 09:08

8 speed automatic is one thing, but Chrysler hasn't even fixed their current 6 speed automatic system. Keep us posted on your 300, and let us know how it's doing post 70K miles. Currently the 6 speed only lasts about 50K before they re-install software, because they supposedly 'fixed' the problem.

I'm not bashing Chrysler personally, I'm bashing any auto manufacturing company that make automatics with more than 4-5 gears. People might say it saves fuel, but your fuel saving will be spent on repairing your vehicle and time loss. Ford's not any better.

18th Mar 2016, 20:03

I was a bit nervous about purchasing my wife's 2012 300 with the 8 speed transmission, but 4 years later at 85,000 miles it has performed flawlessly. For a car of this size to regularly obtain 26 MPG with 30 MPG frequently being seen on the highway is incredible. It gets better mileage than my 02 Sentra that I use as a commuter.

Overall the car has had only minor issues (wheel bearings at 70k and rear brake pads hang up in the sliders every 6-8 months and have to be removed and cleaned up).

Without a doubt the most reliable Chrysler we have ever owned.