1999 Chrysler 300M from Latvia


Front Barke disc replaced at 110 000 km.

General Comments:

Very good looking car inside and out.

Nice speaker system and comfortable.

Very economical and comfortable car to drive on trips and around town. 8,5 / 11-12 l/km

This is by far the best car I have ever owned. I would highly recommend it.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2004

1999 Chrysler 300M from North America


Great car, but did not prove to be reliable over 55000 miles


The suspension gave a very noisy and rather rough ride after about 40000 miles. Until that point, it had been outstanding.

Four out of six speakers failed, and we don't exactly play the radio that loud.

At 58000, we ran into a problem where the car would just stall after driving about 10 minutes. You would coast to the side of the road and wait a few minutes before it would start again. Over the course of about 2 months and multiple visits to the mechanic, the problem just keep getting worse and worse until it would take up to 30 minutes to start after it stalled.

This was all we could take. After work to the tune of $1200 that did not fix the problem, I traded it for a Subaru.

General Comments:

It was extremely stylish and great looking, very quick, and extremely comfortable interior. The controls were laid out well and everyone thought this car was a real class act.

My wife loved the 300M, but I couldn't risk her or our daughter breaking down further. She really misses that 300 M, but I figured it was going to get a lot worse before it got any better.

Chalk it up to first year model maybe...

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Review Date: 25th October, 2004

31st May 2005, 22:32

I've heard about this from others. That the Chrysler makes a good looking car, but they just don't hold up & are pretty UN reliable.

7th Dec 2005, 20:10

$1200 and no fix is not a car problem, but a ignorant mechanic. Any car that will not run for 30 min. should be easy to diagnose and repair (I am a Master ASE certified Auto Tech.)

Fully electronic fuel system are bound to have intermittent failures no matter what brand.

1999 Chrysler 300M 3.5 V6 from North America


Great looking car


Nothing yet, and I'm hoping it stays that way.

I haven't had it long, but noticed the steering wheel wobbles, it drives me nuts.

I read other reviews and have noticed it's common in a lot of 300Ms.

General Comments:

Very good looking car inside and out.

Nice speaker system and comfortable.

I just want to know if anyone has figured out how to fix the wobble in the steering wheel yet.

I've never owned a Chrylser before, and I'm hoping I made a good choice.

I've heard that changing from Goodyear to Michelin helps, but heard it doesn't as well.

People try to allign or balance the tires and that doesn't work. I'm just wondering if it's something besides the tires, or if anyone has figured out how to fix this problem yet.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2004

5th Jan 2008, 22:35

With the gas mileage issue, You could buy a K&N air intake, more power and better mileage, I love these things, I have an 03.

12th Feb 2008, 16:22

To the above post, K&N doesn't make a Cold Air Intake for the 1999's. In fact, I haven't found ANY company that does.

25th Oct 2008, 15:56

I purchased a used 99 at the beginnning of 2008 for a great price. I do, however have the same issue with the steering. I have replaced the tie rod and the steering rack; still hasn't fixed the issue. Car runs great other wise. Watch out on the rims though as they crack easily and will cause your tires to loose pressure.

20th Dec 2008, 18:36

I bought a 99 Chrysler 300M and I am always losing air in all 4 tires. I brought it to tire place to get it sealed several times and it is still leaking. I had an alignment done, now the alignment is out of whack. I'm wondering is that a common problem? I just bought new tires, I don't want to buy new rims.

11th Feb 2009, 19:02

If you have the tire pressure monitors, they can start to leak. All you need is a new set of rubber sealing washers put on them, but the tires have to be removed from the wheels in order to install them.

14th Aug 2009, 16:37

I have a 99 Chrysler 300m, and my steering wheel is like crooked to one side, and my brother owns the same car, except his is an 03 and the same problem happened. Do you guys think I need an alignment to fix the problem?