2003 Chrysler 300M Platinum Series 3.5 gasoline from Belarus


Very comfortable, fast, spacious, reliable and beautiful car


Some very-very weak leaking from the hoses or radiator of the climate-control... Nothing serious. It doesn't need to be fixed. Blows very cold in summer and very hot in winter! :-)

Fixed one wire in driver's seat's heating. Cost 20 USD and 30 minutes. And that is all! But due to our bad quality of roads (better than in Russia or Ukraine, but still not like in Europe), the plastic upholstery began to creak in the glove compartment. If the plastic was better, this would not have happened. And so, the creaking is annoying. Upholstery could be better. But I am sure it is much better than in VW or Ford for example.

General Comments:

I think American cars match theirs prices despite overrated European or Japanese cars. To make a little bit better plastic inside, and to make safety a little bit higher... And I think American cars will be the best in the world.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2010

2003 Chrysler 300M 3.5L gasoline from North America


Every rose has its thorns


I bought an extended warranty, so luckily I haven't had to pay for any of the repairs.

I have this really bad thunking noise in the front end when going over bumps or taking a corner quickly. I believe it to be ball joints, but the dealer is giving me the runaround.

I have also had a lower control arm replaced, but the clunking sound continues.

General Comments:

The driveline of the car is reliable. The 3.5l V6 has plenty of power, and the transmission is smooth enough I guess.

The handling has began to suffer lately, probably because of the front suspension issues.

I just took a trip to Ft. Myers Florida from Cincy Ohio, and it averaged about 24 miles to the gallon with 5 people and luggage. It performed well, but the front suspension was at the back of my mind the whole time, since I did witness the same kind of car 2 weeks earlier that the front wheels completely fell out from under it.

The interior is comfortable, and it is not gloomy at all. I love the analog clock and the autostick.

It was my first time owning a Chrysler, and I would be impressed if the 5 Star Disservice dept would fix my car.

For some reason before the trip, I was averaging a little over 14 miles per gallon in the city, and it's not like I floor it every chance I get.

I guess I would love the car and keep it forever if it was in good mechanical shape.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2008

22nd Aug 2008, 21:17

I am the original writer of this review. I just wanted to give an update on the front suspension. I guess they got tired of me complaining about it, because they replaced everything. It felt like a brand new car. I never thought I'd like this car so much!! Now that it's fixed, I would now recommend it to anyone.

2003 Chrysler 300M 300m n/a from North America




The alignment went wrong, but do to me human error. I live in NewYork lots of pot holes LoL.. But on a down note I would have to say that the handling could be a lot sharper than it is..

General Comments:

The 300m 2003 has Vey good acceleration. The interior is exotic. With Plush nice leather seats.. And the Back Seats or almost bigger than my living room as to say very comfortable rear seat. But Also on extended trips the seats can get a little bit uncomfortable.. And the only thing is really the handling Kinda lacking...

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2007

2003 Chrysler 300M Special 3.5 from North America


An engineering triumph!


The harmonic balancer went out (Cost - $700.00) Dealer replaced it and everything works well.

Air conditioning sometimes does not blow cool air (even when coolant level is correct) no action taken as yet.

Overall, it is a pure joy to own and drive!! What a performer!!

General Comments:

This vehicle is quite a departure from the baseline 300M. The integration of the "off the shelf" Mitsubishi 3.5 Liter HO V6 is a great fit, and a formidable power-plant.

The acceleration and handling is better than most "sport sedans" in this class!

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Review Date: 25th June, 2007

10th Sep 2019, 21:23

The 3.5L is NOT a Mitsubishi engine, it's a Chrysler engine. Nothing on the LH platform Chryslers is Mitsubishi.