1996 Chrysler Cirrus from North America




This car stalls randomly while idling - or driving down the freeway, it doesn't seem to care where it is. Sort of narcolepsy for a car. We have replaced the distributor, fuel pump, spark plugs & wires, PVC Valve, and I can't even remember what else we have done to it. I know we have spent over $1600.00 on it and the problem still exists.

General Comments:

I have contacted Chrysler at 1-800-334-9200 where I was told this was not a 'common' problem, there is no recall for this problem and that my car is out of warranty, so I am on my own. Nice.

I decided to contact the Attorney General's office to file a complaint. I feel like this is the only way those of us who have a Chrysler Cirrus are ever going to get this problem solved. Please contact your attorney general's office and complain. Maybe if Chrysler starts feeling the heat, they will fix our cars! If not, I can promise you I will never buy another Chrysler and I will share my story with anyone who will listen!

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Review Date: 7th April, 2008

1996 Chrysler Cirrus 6 cylinder from North America


Pretty car, high maintenance


I never had a major problem, just took care of the usual upkeep. Which seemed like a lot of upkeep for (at the time) a 4 year old car. Biggest complaint though was the noise level of the car; not the engine, that was quiet. The Cirrus itself made lots of noise passing over the road. My friend had one as well and said that it is a noisy car in general.

The backseat passengers had more comfortable seating than the front seat passengers, but not much leg room. The radio was good, fog-lamps were an awesome addition.

General Comments:

The car looks good and the engine runs quiet.

It is not well insulted against outside noises, which lends to a general feeling of not being safe.

A cute car for moms and people not familiar with cars, but not worth it's price-tag.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2008

1996 Chrysler Cirrus LXi 2.5L V6 from North America


This car is BLING BLING


Car stops at red lights, or when climbing hills. Possible solution: Do a fuel system cleaning and change the spark plugs and high-quality spark plug cables. Make sure they are Japanese parts, to match the Japanese engine. Cost = $800 CDN total, but no problem since then.

If the engine fails as above, the steering wheel is locked. A potentially dangerous situation.

The Daytime Running Lights (required in Canada) do not function, requiring me to activate the full headlamps in the day.

Brake light remains on. Cause: I had this check at Chrysler dealer for $90, who said that a faulty switch was causing the problem and there is absolutely nothing mechanically wrong with the brakes. A minor nuisance.

Passenger side power down lock is inoperative. Oh well.

Erratic on/off behaviour of the odometer digital readout. A rare problem however.

Power locking system is erratic. A minor nuisance.

The truck cannot be opened externally with the key. You have to use the inside switch. A minor nuisance.

Passenger side power window will not roll up again initially. It takes several tries. Possible solution: press UP on the window switch of the defective window while pressing UP on the driver side control for that window. This will make it work. Obviously you need two people for this... Chrysler's intent was probably to simulate nuclear missile launch procedures.

Rear passenger brake makes a scraping noise as I drive on occasion. Probably needs new pads.

General Comments:

I needed a car for my first job as a professional. I wanted something that was unique and bold, but had a cheap initial investment. At $5000 (all figures in Canadian dollars), the Cirrus LXi was the answer.

I have a jet black original painted car with steel original Chrysler rims that bling like chrome in the sun. I like having a car that is better looking than my boss' Camarys, Lexus' Volvos, etc. After a full body waxing and rim cleaning (at the local car wash), this sexy car turns heads from the young and old alike as I make my way down the runway. It's drop dead good-looking despite being more than 10 years old. No rust, and it looks better than most new cars out there.

Engine power is not particularly stellar on acceleration. Starts are sluggish.

This car easily passes on freeway driving, giving extra power when required at 140 kph.

Leather seats are nice.

Headlamp power is not great. Using the fog lamps improves the situation.

Fog lamps cannot be activated unless headlights are on. A design flaw.

Having a block heater is a good thing and improves engine starts in winter.

There are minor squeaks from the interior plastic parts rubbing each other.

The original paint is still there, shiny and nice. Very very little rusting.

I like the drop down rear seats to provide lots of added trunk space.

The interior climate control knobs and fake woodgrain finish looks cheap and old-school.

Does anyone know how to steer the car with the engine turned off? Putting it in neutral still locks the wheel. I need to know this in case engine of failure.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2007

24th Nov 2008, 12:56

Try to turning the key forward just so the power turns on and not the engine the wheel should get loose.