16th Mar 2006, 12:52

I own a 2000 Cirrus LXI and have been very happy with it for the most part. Although shortly after buying it (new) bubbles started to for on the front of the hood, and six years later those bubbles have cracked and turned to rust. It's a nice driving car, definitely the most bang for my buck at the time it was purchased.

3rd Feb 2009, 17:46

I am the original owner of a 1999 Cirrus. It has 155,000 and still going strong. I have minimal issues over time. I am preparing to buy a new car, but will not turn this in. The $500 they will give me is not worth it. The original Michelin Tires lasted almost 90,000.

7th May 2009, 16:42

I am a owner of the 1999 Chrysler Cirrus, and I have to agree with the others... it's the most reliable car I ever owned. It has about 176000 miles and it's still going strong. I just wish that the owner before me had kept up with the scheduled maintenance.

8th May 2009, 10:05

I am the May 7th owner with the 176000 miles. Out of the 3 years I had this car, it's treated me right.

I will say I was not happy to find that some of the parts on my car that needed to be changed were still original, meaning that a tune up was never done, air filter never changed... etc.

Anyhow, the only problems that I have had so far were replacing the battery (that was no picnic as it's under the wheel well), front sway bar links and rear struts, ERG valve, rack and pinion, trans mount and now I was told I need front struts.

My only complaint is how expensive the parts are. Hopefully I won't have to put much more work into it. I love the car... hope it does not fail me :(

17th Jan 2010, 23:12

As a new owner of a 99' Cirrus LXI, I have to say that this car rides like a dream. The previous owner must have driven the car hard and did not do regular scheduled service as the car was burning a little oil. I had a ring and valve job done, and it solved that issue. I also had to have some work done on the power steering. Other than that, for the price I paid, this car rides as smooth at 100 as it does at 50.

I was a Honda man before this car, but I am LOVING this new ride. I just wish I could find some aftermarket parts for it such as projector headlights, Altezza tail lights and such. If anyone knows of a place or website, please drop a comment and let me know. Thanks and to fellow owners... enjoy!

9th Jun 2010, 12:42

I bought a 99 Cirrus used from an older family member, so I know for a fact it was never misused. Since buying it only 9 months ago, I have put it well over $2000 in repairs alone. Whether it be the oil pan, the starter or the fact now that there is a problem with the 3rd cylinder (in which I am not dumping any more money into this car), it seems that once I fix something, then a month later I am adding onto the list of new parts on this more than a decade old car.

A little side note: this car only has 70 000km's on it, and with all these problems it wasn't, worth the money I bought it for.

31st Jul 2010, 21:29

I too have a 99 Cirrus LXI with the 2.5L. The car currently has 238,000 miles on it!

I change the oil when I think about it.

So far repairs on it have been sway bar links, upper and lower control arms (because of ball joints), front wheel bearings, blower resistor, radiator, rear flexible brake lines (they collapse internally and make you think it's a bad rear caliper).

Did I mention that the car had been rolled into a water filled ditch at 130k miles? Trans was ruined by the water, but I removed the plugs from the motor, (after draining 4 gallons of crap from the crankcase), turned it over, and it looked like the fountains in Vegas! Let it dry for a while and all was good! Another 100k since then!

NOTE! Did lose the crankshaft position sensor once. It acts like a bad fuel pump, or a no-spark condition.

I commute 90 miles a day and I plan to keep this car, and replace it with the same when the time comes. I work at the factory that made it, and we made over 2 million of them, so parts are plentiful and cheap!

11th Sep 2010, 02:02

I bought a 1999 Cirrus LXI for my wife with 86,000 on it in 2003. We now have 151,000 miles and it has been a trouble free car. Just got its first tune-up, replaced the fuel pump and now the back struts. Very dependable and comfortable. We plan to own it for a long time.

14th Oct 2010, 19:54

I got a '99 Chrysler Cirrus LXi in a trade for another vehicle that I owned. It's in pristine condition with absolutely no issues. The paint and interior are flawless. The 2.5L V6 is plenty powerful and provides surprisingly good mileage (I get 28 on the highway and 25 in town. The lowest I've seen is 24). It has only has 80,000 miles, so by the looks of it, I'm going to have it for a while!

23rd Dec 2010, 17:16

I purchase a 1999 Chrysler Cirrus used. I was not sure what I was buying, but I am glad I did. It is a very good car; why Chrysler stopped making this model is beyond me.

20th May 2013, 22:54

I just bought a 99 Cirrus, and I love it... it has 160,000 miles on it, and I wish the owners before me would have kept the inside a little nicer, but the nice thing is that all the U-Pull-Its always have something for my car, and I am changing the whole inside for less than 100 dollars. But I really wasn't sure if I bought the right car. Maybe even thought I had bought a lemon, but I just want to thank the people before me who have posted. You guys have made me feel more comfortable in my 1st car, thanks.

Loving my Cirrus.

21st May 2013, 17:25

I had a black Cirrus when they first came out as a company car. Great car. I loved the hinge design opening the trunk lid straight up. The only flaw was the windshield design that poured heat straight in over the top of you. Especially with a black car.